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Xiaomi Black Shark 3 could be the first smartphonecom 16GB RAM

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Xiaomi Black Shark 3 could be the first smartphonecom 16GB RAM

Gaming smartphones are "in vogue" and there are already several brands betting on this new market, such as Nubia, Asus and Xiaomi. And this is the last one we're going to talk about, according to the latest rumors. It is well known that at the beginning of the year rumors about new equipment begin and no doubt that this rumor is quite interesting.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi will launch a successor to Black Shark as every year has new smartphones, but the big surprise is how much RAM this smartphone will have and will be the first in the world to have so much RAM: 16GB, According to the latest rumors, it turns out it is not surprising that it is a smartpone gaming to be the first.

With the success of the previous Xiaomi Black Sharks, the company should launch a successor that should be called Black Shark 3, and as it presents itself as a high-end smartphone, surely there will be a 5G version and that's what we're talking about. . BlackShark 3 5G should be the first smartphone to have 16GB of RAM.

You may find that 16GB of RAM is too much for a smartphone, as even computers do not require as much RAM, however, certainly this extra memory will be very pleasing to many users.

Confirmation of these specifications came from companies that certify smartphones to the Chinese market and confirm that the smartphone will have 5G and 16GB of RAM, being the model SHARK KLE-AO. For now, there is not much more information, however it is also said that the price of the smartphone will not be cheap, so it is very likely that Xiaomi will launch a model without the 5G, not knowing that this model will keep 16GB of RAM.

Theoretically it should be the World's First Phone with 16GB RAM. But let's wait for the official announcement🙃https://t.co/EyUmt2xDOo

– Sudhanshu (@ Sudhanshu1414) January 9, 2020

As for other specifications, it is likely that the smartphone has a high end processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, and the battery should be around the 4,000 mAh already present in the predecessor. It is also possible that the fast charging technology is higher than the 27W of its predecessor, because Xiaomi has already performed better in this area by 2020.

It should be noted that this information is only rumored and must face this information with some suspicion, and it will also be curious if there will be any competitor ahead of Xiaomi and its smartphone gaming on the market with 16GB of RAM.


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