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White-hot looks, strapless gowns and crazy nails at the Grammys

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White-hot looks, strapless gowns and crazy nails at the Grammys

Twenty years ago, Jennifer Lopez closed the Grammy red carpet with her now legendary green Versace dress, almost open, open to her navel, which brought the internet to a complete collapse. How can anyone beat this?

Well, the brightest stars in the music industry certainly took a chance, showing off their stuff on Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

White was a big trend, along with strapless dresses – and super long shiny nails.

Here are some tips from the red carpet on Grammy night:


Breakout star Lizzo arrived early and ready for his close-up – and with good reason. She won three Grammys that night.

The 31-year-old singer and flutist surprised her with a strapless white Versace dress with hand-sewn Swarovski crystals, according to the Italian label.

Her hair was combed back in the old Hollywood waves and she was dripping with diamonds, even her nails.

It opened the night with a tribute to basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash earlier in the day and then an exciting medley of her hits.

One of his main rivals, the country rap sensation Lil Nas X, was a blank slate at the awards ceremony before the gala, when he won his first Grammy for best music video for his viral success, "Old Town Road".

Gwen Stefani – who will perform with real-life partner Blake Shelton – wore a strapless white mini dress, encrusted with shells and Dolce and Gabbana with thigh-high boots.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, accompanying her nominated husband Nick Jonas, was the shock factor with a JLo neckline in her caftan dress, with silver accents and lots of fringe.

And pop singer Demi Lovato, making a big comeback after an almost fatal drug overdose in 2018, raised the audience with her crude performance of "Anyone".

She did this in a voluminous white long-sleeved dress made for her by designer Christian Siriano, who wrote on Twitter: "I love you and I love creating for you !!!"


Pop princess Ariana Grande arrived in an absolute cloud of a blue-gray tulle ball gown by stylist Giambattista Valli and elbow-length gloves, her unique ponytail dangling over her head.

Strapless was a big trend on Sunday, and she joined the movement.

Baroque pop singer Lana Del Rey was elegant in a shiny silver dress with a neckline in the lock and lots of hanging crystals.

And let's give Lizzo another style scream for the shiny black Christian Siriano dress she wore on stage.


Sometimes, it is about making a bright statement with some bright colors.

Lil Nas X abandoned his previous white outfit to a hot pink Versace cowboy outfit, complete with a jacket and cropped pants, a belt over a knit shirt and the necessary hat.

Not to be outdone, Billie Eilish – the big winner of the night with five awards – was in the custom Gucci from head to toe black and lime green and sneakers.

Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes chose a three-piece Louis Vuitton suit, in a tone more described as cabernet.

And rapper Common wore a turquoise suit on stage.


On Sunday, the A-Listers songs played their nails – the longer the better.

Eilish chose wild green nails that matched her personalized Gucci strands.

Lizzo's tips were literally dripping diamonds, or something like diamond, anyway.

While her tune "Good As Hell" says, "Throw your head in, check my nails, baby, how are you feeling?"

And Spanish singer Rosalia – winner of the best Latin, urban or alternative rock album – said her silver nails as a "dagger" were "something special" that she did during the night.


Showbiz is generally unpleasant for Donald Trump, but some with Grammy invitations repeatedly use the red carpet to show their love for the Republican president – and, undoubtedly, to get attention.

Singer Joy Villa wore a bright red dress with TRUMP 2020 printed on the front in white capital letters. Behind? IMPACT AND RE-ELECTION. She covered the look with a blue and white cover.

Once, the 90s boy band singer Ricky Rebel arrived under a red lace umbrella, which he raised to reveal a frayed shirt and red leather pants, revealing his buttocks, on which were written: IMPEACH THIS.

And actress Megan Pormer wore a red dress with a super high slit that said "NO WAR IRAN". On it was a kind of cover made with the flags of the USA and Iran.



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