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What reserves us 2020 in technological terms?

by ace

New Year New Life. What will be stored in the technology charts for 2020?

World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee says he wants to focus on combating cyber bulling and bad information, among other negative aspects that exist in the online world today. It is argued that with better regulation (not only in terms of laws but also in the financial field) we can have a safer online experience by 2020 than it has been until now.

By 2020 we can also expect major developments in the field of artificial intelligence. According to AI Index, America, China and England (in order) have made major developments in this area. But it is believed that China's expected advances are not as big as expectations. However, hope should not be lost as plans are being put in place to continue development in this area by leaps and bounds.

There are also many expectations in the air about what will be revealed at CES, the annual gadget festival taking place in Las Vegas, which this year is hosted by Ivanka Trump. According to CEO of Consumer Technology Association Gary Shapiro, the festival is more than just introducing new gadgets to the world. The festival will also serve to talk about the impact of automation on the world of work, an area where the president of America's daughter will contribute during the festival.

But back to the technology that may be unveiled at CES, rumors are that among the gadgets to be presented to the public we may find a frying pan that speaks (will we avoid burnt food?) And a couch that drives itself ( to take us to the fridge?). We'll be waiting for more handsets to come out and whether or not they will be useful in the year now.

Source: BBC


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