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Weekly win: Three players more than double wallet values

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Weekly win: Three players more than double wallet values

The third and penultimate week of this year's edition of the Stock Exchange Game was particularly positive for player "António Melo", who saw his portfolio rise 147.8%, due to a clear bet on CFD of the US S&P 500 index. The player ended the week with a wallet valued at 184,750.79 euros.

At the start of the Stock Exchange Game, each player had a virtual wallet of 100,000 euros.

Behind "António Melo", and also with a weekly portfolio appreciation of over 100%, is the player "Noggy1982", whose virtual wallet went from 104,479.7 euros to 231,032.80 euros, which translates into a valuation of 121.1%. For this result, the player invested in CFD of Nasdaq, United States Technology Index.

However, the player has not complied with point 6.1.1 of the rules of the game, which states that each participant must have, or have had, during the game, a portfolio of securities composed of at least three asset classes ( ETF, CFD and Forex), so if you came first you would not be entitled to the weekly prize, a Radio Popular card check worth 250 euros.



Player "António Melo" saw his portfolio appreciate 147.8%.

In third place in the weekly standings is player "Inchado69", with a gain of 106.1% in his virtual wallet to 105,278.10 euros due to a bet on US natural gas CFD.

On the opposite side of the table, the worst player of the week was "vacas2019" who lost almost everything in his portfolio this week. A bet on CFD from US natural gas futures led to a 99.6% devaluation of its virtual portfolio, which now stands at just 404.65 euros.

The player "joão filipe fedio" is currently the one with the least money in his wallet. This week saw a massive further devaluation (-90.5%) and has 82.23 euros left in its portfolio.


November 18th to December 13th

Purse Game ratings are updated daily. Firstly, a top is published in Business and at 2 pm the total listing is published in the Journal of Online Business. To this end, a provisional classification of the Global Classification, the University Classification and the ISCTE Business School Universe Classification is withdrawn every day. Then, every Tuesday, the weekly winner is announced.

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