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VeriTran starts operations in Brazil with an eye on digitization and opening up the sector …

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With an eye on the Brazilian digital transformation market, Argentine multinational VeriTran, specialized in low-code solutions, started its operation in São Paulo (SP). Wagner Gomes Martin, ex-Decolar, takes on the role of business development director at VeriTran Brasil.

VeriTran’s local launch aims at strategic timing and market for the company. After all, in addition to the inevitable digitalization that Brazilian companies see themselves necessary to seek, even more in times of the new coronavirus pandemic, Brazil is on a journey towards the PIX (Central Bank’s instant payment and transfer system) and the Open Banking, which generates a new demand for opportunities and digital channels for companies in the sector. Founded in 2005, VeriTran has a strong presence in the financial industry. “Brazil is a very important market for us, with great potential for development when it comes to digital transformation,” says Martin.

The global market for low-code platforms has been promising for its representatives. According to Gartner, by 2024, the development of low-code applications will account for more than 65% of application development activities. This representativeness reflects the growing digitalization, where low-code and no-code platforms (without code) gain traction to ensure agility and delivery of solutions, while dealing with the lack of developers to program them. VeriTran’s solutions go in this direction. According to Martin, the platform simplifies the construction of digital business applications for companies in different sectors. From companies in the banking, payments, healthcare, insurance and public sector companies. The solution allows to create applications in the “drag and drop” model, covering resources of digital token, facial biometrics, iris recognition, messaging push, digital wallet, among others. With previously coded resources, which would take months to build, it can be implemented in weeks, highlights Martin in an interview with Computerworld Brasil.

At the same time, the platform reduces the need for large teams to deliver an application. “What would need a robust structure of developers, you can take a project with a much smaller amount. In some cases, it is even possible to work with the customer’s operation and with the team that is closest to the product, being more in line with the company’s business, ”says Martin.

Unlike no-code development platforms, which often lack previous programming experience, low-code still needs coding knowledge to integrate access to legacy applications, for example. This characteristic, recalls Martin, gives organizations more flexibility. “There is an opening to make a program if necessary, as a connection with legacy systems, integrations with different languages”, he explains. This agility in delivery and a leaner process ends up making projects cheaper for companies, highlights the executive. “Low-code talks a lot with these digital transformations and the entire transformation of the financial industries with other industries. It is a great trend ”, he adds.

VeriTran has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Spain and Mexico. Altogether, it has 250 employees. According to the company itself, more than 50 institutions worldwide use its platform, reaching more than 15 million users. In Brazil, the company started operating in mid-June this year.


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