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Venezuela's $ 4.500 million embezzlement involves BES

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Venezuela's $ 4.500 million embezzlement involves BES

The US Department of Justice is investigating Venezuelan businessmen Luis and Ignacio Oberto for an alleged corruption scheme at PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela). According to a report published in El Nacional, the scheme would entail embezzlement of $ 4.5 billion.

According to the 'El Nuevo Herald', also quoted by El Nacional, authorities suspect that the Oberto brothers have amassed a huge fortune through ghost companies (Violet Advisors SA and Welka Holdings Limited) that have granted PDVSA bolivarian loans to preferential exchange rate. After a few weeks, they would have been paid in dollars or other equally strong currencies. PDVSA employees will have transferred reimbursement of payments through Banco Espírito Santo to different sibling accounts between 2012 and 2014, the sources added.

In another situation, entrepreneurs seem to be linked to Nicolás Maduro's stepchildren. They allegedly managed to get a $ 600 million payment from PDVSA in a few weeks to repay a $ 42 million bolivarian loan.

According to the case investigations, loan repayments were sent on behalf of ghost companies to Switzerland, with the help of a banker in that country: Charles Henry De Beaumont, who worked with CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique S. A. in Geneva.

Investigations indicate that De Beaumont also helped the brothers transfer illicit funds from PDVSA from Switzerland to US banks, including Miami, as well as to Caribbean accounts.

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