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Venezuelan opposition and regime supporters manifest today in the street

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Venezuelan opposition and regime supporters manifest today in the street

Venezuelan opposition and government supporters are returning to the streets today, the first to demand that Nicolás Maduro relinquish power and others in support of Bolivia's head of state and former President Evo Morales.

On the opposition side, Juan Guaidó – who in January vowed to assume the role of acting president of the country until Nicolás Maduro leaves office, calls for a transitional government and free and transparent elections in the country – has insisted in recent days to appeal to Venezuelans to rely on the roadmap it has set to meet the objectives.

“Today the country needs us, everyone. The central element is unity and mobilization. The goals are being met. We must break with false normality. To the street without return, is to be on the street until you reach the goals, ”defended Friday Guaidó, who chairs the parliament, where the opposition has the majority.

In recent weeks, the opposition leader has faced criticism from Venezuelans who accuse him of giving in to the regime and who focus complaints on the recent agreement between opposition parliamentarians and the regime's affection to form a committee to designate new officials from the National Electoral Council.

Through social networks, users accuse Guaidó of having reversed the road map to move to the third step without Maduro leaving power and without a transitional government board.

The protests will take place in the main cities of the country and in Caracas have six different starting points, covering the center, east and south of the capital, ending at José Marti de Chacaíto Square (east).

Opposition protest actions are also planned in several cities abroad.

On the other hand, the forces supporting President Nicolás Maduro will be concentrated in Avenida Bolívar de Caracas (downtown Caracas).

In this demonstration, Venezuelans from various parts of the country who are descending the capital should condemn to condemn the latest events in Bolivia and to sympathize with former President Evo Morales.

The demonstration of supporters of the regime in Caracas has been preceded since Wednesday by other demonstrations in the Venezuelan states of Yaracuy, Anzoátegui and La Guaira.

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