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Uber drivers shut down application in next three days in protest against …

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Uber drivers shut down application in next three days in protest against ...

Uber driver groups have called on social media to protest this weekend against price cuts by the electronic platform, which will reduce their profit margin.

Drivers invite colleagues to take a "national TVDE strike" on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, turning off the application.

According to a driver in Porto contacted by Lusa, the protest came from several groups of drivers who met on social networks, namely on WhatsApp.

According to the same source, the protest is related to the announcement of a reduction in travel prices from today on the passenger transport platform, which reported this to partner drivers only on Thursday.

The price cut will lower these drivers' profit margin per trip to unsustainable levels, he added.

Although the protest is scheduled to start from Saturday, many drivers in Porto will have turned off the application today, he added, unable to determine if the same happened in Lisbon and other parts of the country.

In a flyer calling for a strike on the Internet with the hashtag "#uberoff", Uber drivers and partners say they are "full of ever-lower cuts and fares, while expenses are rising day by day."

They are also calling a meeting for Monday, in Lisbon, in Belém Park, at 10:00 am, from where they will idle to Uber's green hub in Amoreiras.

A public online petition is still under way at https://peticaopublica.com/mobile/pview.aspx?pi=EN95559, which at 16:00 today was signed by over 960 people.

The signatories call for the intervention of the President of the Republic, the Government, the deputies and the parties with parliamentary seat against the "constant violations" of the law for the sector of TVDE activity (individual and remunerated passenger transport in vehicles without platform characteristics). electronics).

Among the roadblocks, they criticize the prices of the tariffs set by the electronic platforms that "change values ​​(always lowering prices) without concern for the remuneration of each partner / driver", making "inherent values" to the activity.

On January 2, Thursday, "Uber lowers rates at will by about 10% while maintaining the maximum intermediary rate allowed by law (25%) with only six hours' notice, ie informed around 18:00 the change of tariffs effective from "today, is stressed in the petition.

Contacted by Lusa, official source of UBER said that "drivers can freely choose to be linked to the application, and Uber does not impose any limitation on this aspect", being responsible for "offering the best possible value to both drivers and users", to "continue to rely on their preference".

"These new prices will make the service even more accessible to users while improving driver income," a balance "essential for shared mobility to be an effective alternative to the private car and to remain an attractive economic opportunity for partners and drivers, "wrote the same source via email.

In a message sent to customers today, Uber revealed that "travel prices have been reduced" and links to the new fares at https://ubernewblog3.wpengine.com/portugal/novos-precos-2020/.

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