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Trackmania: Three hundred and sixty-five tracks per year

by ace
Trackmania: Three hundred and sixty-five tracks per year

There is an enormous amount of potential with Trackmania, which is already much visible and something you can appreciate from the history of the Nadeo series. The author of the article wccftech says that he cannot say that he is surrendered to the subscription / games model as a service, nor that he completely understands the whole idea of ​​restarting the franchise.

What he's 'bought' so far is the game's mechanics and the fun that goes with it, as well as the incredible potential that comes with the track editor. As mentioned earlier, the game is not allowed to be classified as a subscription, despite acting as a subscription. Thus, we can access a free version of the game, gaining access to a limited number of circuits through quarterly campaigns and limited access to other players' creations online.

The ‘club membership’ (read: subscription) that fuels the game comes in different forms. Normal access costs € 9.99 per year, with access to the ´circuit of the day´, the 365 previously mentioned circuits per year, as well as full access to player creations in the track editor, as well as daily competitions and much more .

Finally, there is access to the club – this costs € 29.99 for one year or € 59.99 for three years, and brings all the previous features with the ability to join clubs, having access to special skin customization, campaigns specials and other online features, including participating in the ´Open Grand League´ in hopes of qualifying for the Grand Trackmania League.

Why so many circuits, because precisely, and like previous Trackmania games, this one has a very extensive track maker. Right now, at this early stage, not all features are unlocked.

However, and meeting previous editors from Trackmania and having also asked what it will present, the future is very promising. Players will be able to import their own designs, bringing them into the game, allowing them to create wildly detailed tracks like this one, those that don't even seem to belong to Trackmania.

Trackmania: Three hundred and sixty-five tracks per year

What is mentioned is that, at the moment, the editor is restrictive in what he offers and, honestly, I think he has a sufficiently steep learning curve that can drive people away. It is strange, but other track editors have found it easier to use with controllers, and either this is a UI that is not exactly the best one to navigate or it is just the fact that not everything is there and we will be limited in the options of control.

With the vast number of specials, as well as a variety of terrain types like ´Ice´, ´Grass´ and ´Dirt´, as well as regular tracks, we will have more freedom to challenge ourselves and other players. The question then is to create something that keeps us on the floor or if we literally start to climb walls. The choice is, of course, yours.

The challenge here will be to create something challenging and fun. Or just entertain with the last clue. Content creation, particularly circuits, is the core of Trackmania. Only the name indicates, this is all about "track mania". The best part is that, since trackmania is a very content-oriented title, which it always has been, Ubisoft Nadeo really had to think about how to balance this with the fact that this is a ´department´ game, and it’s this is where monetization comes in.

Source: Wccftech

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