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TikTok in trouble!

by ace

Who doesn’t know what things are going wrong at the worst possible time? We get that very bitter taste in the mouth, don’t we? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the TikTok application.

During a few hours on Thursday, some publications (videos on users’ pages and the “For you” page) showed wrong numbers of likes (this situation happened to some users all over the world). The TikTok application showed that publications had zero likes (can you imagine the despair of some users?). It is not known for certain why this situation happened.

Due to this situation, the official TikTok page on Twitter published the following: “Hi TikTok community! We’re aware that some users are experiencing app issues – working to quickly fix things, and we’ll share updates here! ” (Hello TikTok community! We know that some users are having some problems with the application, we are working quickly to resolve the situation and will share updates here!).

Unfortunately this situation happened at the worst possible time. Many users concluded that this problem was due to the fact that the application started to be banned in many places (situation that had already been commented on by some political entities)

The truth is that the way some users use the application has made some politicians concerned. It is believed that some videos may be considered offensive to some countries. So the way some politicians think the situation can be resolved is to ban the application so that more videos of the same nature are not published.

However, no country confirmed that it had actually banned the TikTok application, so we all did not know why this whole situation was due. But we believe that many users did not find it very funny that they did not get likes in their publications, after all, many people use this type of applications to get the most likes possible!

Source: The Verge

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