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Things men hate in bed

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Things men hate in bed

Vinicius de Moraes said, with grace, that if the dog is man's best friend, then whiskey is a bottled dog. I'd add, and Gillette is the woman's best friend. Who says Gillette, says Epilady, Braun or any other gadget that eliminates fur.

Raise your arm who never cursed the capillary system, plus its stupid vigor. It seems on purpose: every time a prospective prince appears on the horizon, 100 new hairs are born on his legs. I. spent six months alone. There were 180 evenings burning the lashes with Dan Brown's books and decorating the more or less smooth belly with two beautiful tires, inflated with Häagen-Dazs, M&M and Maria biscuits with butter (heavens, one woman only eats Maria biscuits buttered when really needy). More than 12 weeks of discovering – at first, contradicted – the oriental culture with the soap opera The Indian Way and many more asleep on the couch with the sordid laughter of Dr. House.

Of course, after the first two months, he stopped calling Zezinha to schedule the torture, commonly depilation. Don't think it's any woman who goes through 60 minutes of scalping just to feel good about herself. On top of that, it was winter and the fashion had skirts with opaque tights. I. was therefore closed in the convent when, one fine Friday night, he went out to dinner and fell into temptation. You know how it is – a friend of a friend, a friend. The boy was reported to be a good conversationalist, jazz lover, and Brad Pitt-looking (perhaps more Braz Pinto than anything else, but I. seemed like a heartthrob).

Of course, you haven't gone home to see CSI Miami. He preferred to discover other mysteries. At four in the morning, after much laughing, drinking, and dancing, she found herself lying on the couch – the one that supported her for six months in seclusion – with her hairdo undone and the zip up her mid-back. It was like giving her an electric shock. "I remembered how my legs were and I panicked."

It was not the case for that. Among the 10 things men most abhor in bed, found in a 2008 Brazilian study, there is no reference to lack of hair removal. Namely: they hate to have sex in the dark, they don't like women who are too quiet or too chatty (the idea is to moan and talk slowly, with their mouth glued to their partner's ear), thank them for taking care in handling their organ. sex (which doesn't mean treating him like a bottle) and love to be stimulated. Of course, the thing about having sex like seeing a historical, distant and tasteful documentary is unthinkable. Better to be considered a sassy than a bore.

Selfish attitudes like "show me what you are capable of" are forbidden – sex is like a state, when things go wrong it is also your fault; name changes and nostalgia attacks. M. says he definitely gave up on P. when, on the third night they spent together, he compared the size of her bra to that of his ex – with a clear disadvantage for M., by the way.

It's also not worth discussing the interest rate drop before you undress, and get rid of succumbing to one of those foul attacks that sometimes attack the most unsuspecting women. One of the things that disappointed J. most, in her brief romance with A., was her stupid habit of washing the dishes before going to bed …

Closing this top ten of anti-t… behaviors, there is the overzealousness of women like I. Fear of being rejected because of three hairs; panic of being pointed out because of tail cellulite; angry about not putting on the black body instead of those white underpants, etc., etc ,, etc.

Bad news: worse than orange peel skin and poor hair removal, just tremendous insecurity. Ladies, wake up. Men are also afraid of failing – and failing. More than that: they like real women and they don't always have a grade 10. Want to see? In 2007, the British Mirror surveyed readers to find out the 15 things women never imagined men find sexy. Surprise: They like little make-up (nothing worse, they say, than a kiss on the mouth and getting to know the lipstick), round stomachs (which explains the success of the Shakiras), wrinkles, small scars and medium breasts. media advocate for XL). They are equally surrendered to women who like to go out and drink glasses (as long as they don't come home on their shoulders), and they don't mind if they call them in the middle of the night to confess that they missed them.

They admire those who have a knack for children, want those who come home barefoot, and find it funny for those who wear mismatched underwear. The explanation is very entertaining: "They love to think they were not planning to have sex and that they were able to convince them …", explained a sex therapist named Paula Hall to the Mirror.

Who would say they get excited about undone make-up (reminds you of post-sex), already discolored locks (says the same expert who reminds them of the girls they were forbidden to go out with mommy) and clumsiness to tell jokes? "They are usually intimidated by very intellectual women. Those who make mistakes or forget the end of the stories reveal their vulnerability. And that arouses in them a protective instinct," says Simon Moore, head of the psychology department at London Metropolitan University. to the English newspaper.

Finally, men like tight tops (but not too short, especially for those who have a little fat), and from time to time prefer women who sleep in t-shirts to those who go to bed as if they were filming. a special for Playboy.

After three weeks, they are fed up with mystery and glamor. Want is company.

By the way, I. continues with his Braz Pinto and, by the yes for the no, returned to the depilation.

What they really like

Cynthia W. Gentry and Nima Badiey (she a writer, screenwriter and sexuality expert; he photographer and consultant) listened to over 300 Americans between 23 and 64 years old, who revealed their experiences and fantasies to them. The result is a book that Cynthia Gentry, also author of The Bedside Orgasm Book, classifies as groundbreaking, for revealing the male perspective of the subject.

The fact that women are still ashamed to discuss their sexual preferences with men, as well as their habit of approaching the subject almost always in a playful way, with friends, has not helped to clarify what they and they classify. of "unforgettable night".

To find out more, it's worth reading their confidences.

  1. It is true. Men spend 95% of their time trying to seduce women. The other 5% really want to know their opinion about a movie or get them to drink coffee.
  1. Men only know 1% of what women would like them to know. So do not be too mysterious, otherwise you will not notice anything and you have no pleasure.
  1. Most love being seduced – and driven. Forget the prejudices and be interested. Ah, they prefer to be underneath: so they enjoy the woman's vision better.
  1. Make physical contact. Men love inadvertent touches on their hands, their arms. And in bed, be affective. It is false that men are not given to kisses. More: 56% of respondents said they liked to trade pampering after.
  1. Do not insist on talking about the relationship (if there is already a relationship). Seize the moment and let yourself talk seriously. But beware: if it was very good, you can tell it.
  1. Get rid of remorse attacks and, above all, never confess them. If you think you shouldn't have gone that far, keep that to yourself. And if it's gone that bad, get dressed and leave.
  1. Most men only admit to taking advantage of sex toys when they have an accomplice relationship with their partner. Among almost unknowns can be confrangingor.
  1. Talk about sex before you do it. Enjoy a dinner to address the theme. The authors of the book advise, "If you lack courage, use this book as a pretext, say you read it here."
  1. If you don't feel like having sex, don't do it. And say it. Contrary to popular belief, men hate sleeping with women who seem to be there out of obligation.
  1. Tell him your fantasies and ask him to talk about his. This will help that the relationship does not fall into routine.

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