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The Truth About The Clitoris

by ace

A study from the medical journal Clinical Anatomy concluded that the clitoris plays an important role in reproduction. The female orgasm, to which the organ contributes, activates in the brain a series of repercussions that alter the reproductive system. These are improved vaginal blood flow, increased lubrication, oxygen and temperature, as well as changing cervical positioning, increasing sperm motility. Psychologist Roy Levin, author of the study, told The Guardian that "the so-repeated mantra that the clitoris' sole function is to induce sexual pleasure is outdated. The (new) concept changes a great sexual belief, and the physiological evidence is obvious ".

This statement may seem quite controversial, as the existence of the clitoris raises questions about its contribution to the primary function of the reproductive system: procreation. If we go back to the 1970s, female orgasms were considered important for egg fertilization, thanks to the suction effect of muscle contractions, ensuring that sperm went in the right direction without distracting any air bubbles. This was discredited at the end of the last century, and the debate was promised to scientific contempt: it was a "zombie hypothesis," Levin added; "I was not alive but refused to die."

The flip side of the coin is that when we try to characterize sexual pleasure in women as a means of helping fertility, we are turning any kind of pleasure into a mere way of serving the species. There are also those who argue that the same happens when trying to mirror this idea in the male reproductive path (having orgasms, producing sperm, producing a child). Having said that, exploring female sexuality may mean seeing it as its own element, considering the possibility that the pleasure brought by the clitoris exists only because yes and not only associated with reproduction.

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