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The New York Times publishes evidence that Russia bombed hospitals in Syria

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The New York Times publishes evidence that Russia bombed hospitals in Syria

The New York Times published today, according to the US newspaper itself, evidence that Russia has repeatedly and deliberately bombarded hospitals in Syria, where it intervenes in support of President Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime.

Syrian activists and opponents have repeatedly accused Russia of hitting hospitals and other civilian targets on Syrian territory, something Moscow has always denied.

According to a non-governmental organization (NGO) documenting attacks on doctors in Syria, since 2011, the year the Syrian civil conflict began, there have been at least 583 attacks on hospital facilities, of which 266 have been reported since Russia began to intervene. militarily, September 2015.

The US newspaper's investigation published today focuses on four attacks that took place on May 5th and 6th.

At the time, the Syrian Government and Allied Russian forces intensified bombings in northwestern Syria, notably Idlib Province and other surrounding areas, to try to conquer the last areas still controlled by insurgent and jihadist forces.

The New York Times article cites, among other evidence, transcripts of Russian air force radio communications, records of airspace monitoring teams, videos of attacked structures and the report of various local witnesses.

According to the newspaper, the flight logs place Russian pilots where bombed hospitals are on those two days, but also at the exact moment of the attacks.

The New York Times adds that in the audio recordings, which it had access to, you can hear the Russian military confirming the coordinates of each target and their shots.

Last August, the United Nations announced the opening of an inquiry into attacks on hospital units in Syria.

Triggered in March 2011 by the Bashar al-Assad regime's violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrations, the conflict in Syria has gained enormous complexity over the years, with the involvement of foreign countries and 'jihadist' groups, and various fronts. .

In a very fragmented territory, the civil conflict in Syria has since 2011 caused more than 370,000 deaths, including over 100,000 civilians, and millions of displaced and refugees.

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