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The Latest: No mention of Kashmir in Indian PM’s speech

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The Latest: No mention of Kashmir in Indian PM's speech

The most recent at the annual meeting of world leaders at the (always local) UN General Assembly:

10:24 pm

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi denounced terrorism, but avoided any mention of India's repression in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.

Modi told world leaders gathered at the UN General Assembly on Friday that "India's voice against terrorism to warn the world of its evil rings with seriousness and indignation."

Earlier this week, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned bluntly that war was possible over rival India's actions in Kashmir.

Nuclear-weapon rivals, who fought two of their three Kashmir wars, have been fought since August 5, when Modi withdrew the portion of Kashmir that India controls its limited autonomy.

The government led by Modi Hindu nationalists imposed a military curfew and cut residents in the Muslim-majority region from virtually all communications.


9:45 in the morning

A North Korean Foreign Ministry adviser is accusing the United States of doing nothing to implement the summit-level issues between US President Donald Trump and the country's leader Kim Jong Un, but says he is putting his hope in "Trump's wise choice and bold decision." . "

A statement by Kim Kye Gwan issued on Friday by the UN Mission in North Korea says it is "harsh reality" that Washington politicians are obsessed with nuclear disarmament before it can talk about suspending sanctions and that Korea North "may have access to a bright future."

The consultant said it made him doubt that "a new innovation" could occur in US-North Korea relations through another summit.

But the counselor said, "I knew that President Trump is different from his predecessors in political and decision making while watching his approach to" North Korea, "so I would like to put my hope in President Trump's wise choice and bold decision. "



Saudi Arabia urged the world to apply "maximum pressure" to Iran, while Tehran dismissed this policy as having already failed.

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf took the stage on Thursday at the UN General Assembly and called on world leaders to cut Iran's financial resources. But on the other side of the city, the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani insisted that this would kill all chances of successful negotiations.

Saudi Arabia insists that Iranian weapons were used in a September 14 missile and drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, which rocked global oil prices. Iran denies involvement.

Gulf tensions returned to center stage on the third day of debate at the UN General Assembly. Two more opponents will face each other on Friday when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan take the stage in the morning.

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