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The health of your dreams

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The health of your dreams

Up Clinic, in Restelo, is a new concept that promises to promote the physical, psychological and social well-being of its patients through holistic methods. Created by plastic surgeon Tiago Baptista Fernandes and Vítor Figueiredo (specialized in aesthetic medicine), the new space was inaugurated on November 7th and was attended by figures such as Liliana Campos and Andreia Rodrigues (brand ambassadors with actor Ricardo Pereira, currently in Brazil). In addition to knowing the new space, the guests had the opportunity to attend some demonstrations by the clinical staff.

Up Clinic aims to be a world reference in the industry by introducing the first health concierge service in Portugal to meet the needs of all patients, including those visiting only in the country.

In addition to Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, the clinic also offers Gynecology, Smart Aging and Nutrition services with industry-leading appliances. The mission of the space is to provide the most advanced healthcare with a professional and human team so that you feel accompanied at every step towards your results.

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