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The art of multimasking

by ace

It is not exactly “the” novelty of the season. Facial masks are, in fact, a good oldie of female beauty, even referring to the Ayurvedic tradition. Formulated in their classic form, through mixes of homemade ingredients, and applied in the privacy of the home, they “jumped” to social networks by the hands (and selfies) of millennials, which is why they have been experiencing a boom in sales recently. the cosmetics market.

According to the International Euromonitor, the forecast is that this single product will grow by almost 10% worldwide until 2021, which justifies that all the big and small names in the industry are launching technologically advanced, sensory and practical masks with attractive packaging. Perhaps this phenomenon is the result of globalization and the growing need for “portable beauty”, or perhaps it is just another consequence of the Western fascination with Korean beauty routines, but regardless of the reasons for its success, this trend is already revealed that he is here to stay. But it is not just the fabric or biocellulose masks that are making their mark – the good and classic mask pots have also found their place in the sun, reshaping themselves into even more sensory textures to respond to more specific needs. And so multimasking or mask bingeing was born, which, according to the American definition, is the ritual of applying several masks simultaneously, on different points of the face. Also the result of more and more specific skin conditions, both for women and men, the purpose of this ritual is to treat the different problems at once, without wasting a lot of time.

Before you start

  • Choose a time of day when you can relax for 15 to 20 minutes, preferably at the end of the day.
  • Clean your skin and apply a tonic to your entire face and neck.
  • Assess your skin’s needs before choosing the right combination, where it is dry or dehydrated, where your pores are more dilated or if you have pimples.
  • Apply slightly thick layers on the face with the help of a foundation brush, to be more precise, and avoid the contour of the lips and the eye contour.

A solution for every occasion

In general: Bet on an illuminating mask on the cheeks and a clay purifier for the nose. Choose an aloe vera mask (or other soothing and soothing ingredients) for the lightest spots and a moisturizer for the driest spots on your face. In the darkest areas of the face, choose products with vitamin infusions. Around the eyes, apply decongestant and moisturizing patches.

Before a long-haul flight: Apply a soothing mask where there is a tendency to redness (often on the nasogenian lines and cheeks), moisturizer in areas that tend to get drier, such as cheekbones, and a clarifying mask on the forehead and chin, if there is a tendency to get pimples.

After a party: Bet on a moisturizing and purifying mask and another one in fabric (or slices of fresh cucumbers) specifically for the eye contour.

Before the holidays: Make a mask with exfoliating properties to remove dead cells on the surface, promoting a uniform and beautiful tan.

After prolonged sun exposure: Choose a soothing mask to soothe the skin that will be sensitized and combine it with a firmness mask on the oval of the face.

During PMS: Because the skin will be more sensitive and prone to developing inflammation, such as pimples, the ideal is to try to make a mask with anti-inflammatory properties two days before the period, looking for ingredients such as salicylic acid, and moisturizing the lips and the eye contour.

To matify: For mixed to oily skins with a tendency to develop pimples or black spots, the perfect multimasking is to apply a purifying mask in the T zone to remove impurities and black spots, preferably clay, combining it with a product for close the pores on the cheekbones.

To prevent wrinkles: Apply a nourishing mask over the cheekbones and a moisturizing mask on the T-zone and neckline.

* Article originally published in the 359 edition of Máxima.


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