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The art of loving fashion? two divas on display

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The art of loving fashion? two divas on display

History is full of women whose lives can be told through their wardrobes. Much more than just clothing and accessories, fashion choices become registers of an era and sources of artistic inspiration. In Paris, the Marie-Antoinette – Metamorphoses of An Image exhibition, until January 26, 2020, celebrates the last Queen of France as a source of inexhaustible and timeless inspiration. The opening on October 16 was the week of the 226th anniversary of Marie Antoinette's death (Vienna, 1755 – Paris, 1793) by the guillotine at 37, and the venue also has special significance. The Conciergerie is a medieval palace located on the island of Notre Dame and was a royal residence until the late 14th century and when the kings of France decided to exchange it for the Louvre, this building became the Courthouse with one prison included. During the French Revolution, this was where the Revolutionary Court was located and it was also where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned. When the 14-year-old Austrian archduchess arrived in France to marry the future King Louis XVI, no one expected her to become such a significant figure in the country's history, still arousing passions and hatred. Philippe Bélaval, president of the French Center for National Monuments and head of the Conciergerie, told The Guardian: "She had luxurious tastes, but represented the best of a certain period of French culture." The story of this queen has been told many times in books and films (in the cinema alone, at least 10 actresses have played her), her residence, the Palace of Versailles, is today a cultural reference with visitors from around the world and her taste for fashion and jewelry launched the trends of an era. Marie Antoinette's royal dressmaker was the famous Rose Bertin, who was named Fashion Minister and created stunning dresses. All of this has made her a figure in today's popular culture. This exhibition is divided into five parts and features 200 works of art and objects, such as the latest self-written letter, portraits and caricatures, as well as current representations in Japanese films, fashion and manga.

Marie-Antoinette – Metamorphoses of An Image

Where? Conciergerie in Paris

When? From October 16 to January 26, 2020

Across the Atlantic in New York City, the Metropolitan Museum opens the Costume Institute's fall exhibition, The Pursuit of Fashion – The Sandy Schreier Collection, open to the public from November 27 to May 17, 2020. Sandy Schreier sees the fashion as a form of art and creative expression, so the pieces you buy are not meant to be a wardrobe but a collection. And yours is one of the largest in the United States, having made several museum loans for previous themed exhibitions. As a child, Sandy Schreier (whose maiden name is Miller) accompanied her father to work at the Detroit branch of the Russeks department store for luxury fashion and accessories, and her taste for fashion drew the attention of a few customers who would come to her. give some of your luxurious dresses. He recently decided to donate 165 pieces from his collection to the museum, of which 80 (accessories, dresses and illustrations) make up this exhibition and cover over 90 years of fashion history, the oldest of which is an illustration by Paul Poiret from 1908, and the latest is a hat by 2004 Philip Treacy. She is also a fashion historian and author of two Hollywood costume books.

In Pursuit of Fashion – The Sandy Schreier Collection

Where? Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum in New York

When? From November 27 to May 17, 2020

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