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Southampton v Burnley: Premier League – live!

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Southampton v Burnley: Premier League – live!

66 min: Ward-Prowse and Walker-Peters combine again on the right, the latter making a low cross on the mixer. Ings is sniffing, but it is Tarkowski who is the brightest and extinguishes the attack.

64 min: Walker-Peters and Ward-Prowse probe on the right, but cannot find a crack in Burnley's armor. The saints dominated possession this afternoon, but again they are not getting any reward for it. Same story as always.

62 min: The saints try to fight back immediately, Bertrand having a 25-yard dig. It seems that the shot is deflected by Tarkowski, but the Saints are not reaching the corner. On the touchline, with the rain flattening his Conan O & # 39; Brien helm, Ralph Hasenhuttl openly seethes.

GOAL! Southampton 1-2 Burnley (Vydra 60)

What goal is that! With the rain churning like crazy, Hendrick throws a long time from the right, finding Vydra at the edge of the Santos box, his back to the goal. He taps two times to push the ball to the left, turns and stuns a shocking shot to the top left, passing McCarthy. This is an ending and, out of nowhere, Burnley regains the lead.

59 min: McCarthy loafers for a long time. Ings gets the best of Tarkowski through the right inner channel, but there is no angle for a shot and his cross is too high for his partner Long in the center.

58 min: Latest score: Game 0-1 Storm Dennis. More when we have.

56 min: Bardsley crashes into Djnepo, becoming the latest player to get away with one. The referee's decisions are becoming positively psychedelic.

54 min: Taylor slips in over Armstrong, on the right touch line, catching the ball and the man. It is a clear fault, but it is not given by lino or ref. The referee is starting to flirt with Shocker territory.

52 min: Vestergaard, depth defender, throws an impressive diagonal ball towards Ings on the right. Ings cannot bring it down. It would have been clear. Let it pass, however.

50 min: Vydra turns gracefully on the line, just to the left of Santos' box. Stephens trips him awkwardly, but runs away with the lack. Vydra is furious, and he has every right. He would be out.

48 min: the saints establish a little control. They caress the midfield for a while, then Djnepo dribbles from the left and passes a pass to Bertrand, who gives an instant shot to the side net. He had more time than he thought and should have done better.

47 min: Agitated nonsense in the early stages of this semester, while the teams try to hit the wind again.

Part-time entertainment. Nick Ames has been eavesdropping on Ralph Hasenhuttl's old gang. Here's his report.

HALF TIME: Southampton 1-1 Burnley

Santos has been the best team, and Danny Ings scored a wonderful goal. But he was also to blame for Burnley's absurd overture, so here we are.

45 min +4: the wind is turning around St Mary & # 39; s and the players are starting to fight. Passing strings with a prize at the moment. Half the time can't be soon.

45 min +2: Ings almost closes Pope when the goalkeeper saves a shot above. Not quite, but a maximum score for the press.

43 min: Mee is booked for his Ings agricultural obstruction in midfield. There are no complaints about this.

Burnley's Ben Mee fouls Southampton's Danny Ings. Photograph: Sean Ryan / IPS / Shutterstock

at 8:30 am EST

42 min: Hojberg sends a diagonal ball to Burnley's box from a deep position on the left. Walker-Peters leaves the other flank and is not far from reaching the end of the cross, but Pope reads well the danger of claiming.

41 min: The rain continues to fall. The wind still blows. The players are trying their best.

39 min: Boufal cannot continue. He hobbles and disappears into the tunnel, to be replaced by Djnepo.

37 min: Boufal is out of the game, moving something when sending the second cross. A nod when he receives treatment. At the shelter, Ralph Hasenhuttl curses his luck. Boufal looked very dangerous.

36 min: Boufal dribbles with a great goal from the left, but there is no one in the middle to convert his retreat. Boufal tries again with another run, and takes long turns, but Long's header on the opposite pole is soft and easy meat for Pope.

34 min: Westwood passes a cute pass through the middle to Vydra, who should do better with his attempt to point the ball to the bottom left corner. McCarthy meets easily.

33 min: so, having mentioned how fun the game was, it got a little complicated. Pulitzer, please!

at 8:05 EST

31 min: now it's Vydra's turn to try a tribute to Bergkamp's aforementioned goal against Newcastle! There must be something in the air. But Vestergaard stands firm as Vydra traps and spins, and puts an end to Burnley's attacker's ambition.

29 min: Cork passes straight behind Ward-Prowse's back, wrapping his leg around his opponents. This seemed painful, although the man of the saints is not seriously injured. For some reason, the referee does not reserve Cork; it would not have been a completely absurd decision to expel him. But it is just a firm word. Very strange.

28 min: Armstrong passes a pass through the left channel to Boufal, who almost executes a bergkampesca trap and turns to free himself in the box. Not so much. The ball is out of play. But almost. Boufal was clearly willing to replicate this:

26 min: Hendrick is engaged for a cynical clip on Boufal's heel. With the resulting free kick, Ward-Prowse slides Boufal into the space on the left. Boufal crosses Stephens' head, who swings the crossbar with a beautiful header. Escape from Burnley. This is great for entertainment, despite or perhaps because of the conditions.

24 min: The saints did very well to return to this game after the ridiculous start. Especially when you consider what happened to them the last time you played at St. Mary's in a storm. This Leicester City game must have crossed their minds, even if briefly. Top marks for mental strength.

21 min: Burnley starts the game again and almost regains the lead immediately. Bardsley makes a low diagonal shot from a distance, to the right. The lurking Rodriguez shows a boot, but he can't guide it in the bottom left corner. The ball flies inches wide.

20 min: the game has not yet restarted, because Wood is holding his hamstring. He gets up and there he goes, shaking his head. He will no longer be part of this.

GOAL! Southampton 1-1 Burnley (England 18)

Danny Ings makes up for his role in Burnley's goal! It is like. He picks up a loose ball, on the edge of Burnley D. He moves it to the right, removing three Burnley defenders from the game and makes an impressive shot in the bottom corner. It's a nice ending, the shot went off the post and came back, leaving Pope with no chance.

A good finish by Danny Ings recovers the saints in a balanced way.

A good finish by Danny Ings recovers the saints in a balanced way. Photo: David Klein / Reuters

at 7.52am EST

16 min: Vestergaard is caught passing out about 25 meters from his own goal by Hendrick. Rodriguez almost runs away with the ball, but loses control. Vestergaard is reserved to move on while being assaulted by Hendrick.

14 min: the wind is rising. This is the state of affairs, as Hojbjerg fired an earlier shot that basically turned the air around. This can get interesting.

12 min: A free kick by Burnley from the right. Hendrick sends a wide diagonal to Tarkowski, who lowers the ball with a deft touch. He's in space, but hits the cross on the first man. A waste, because the Santos top line had been opened and the defense at home was all over the store.

11 min: Burnley's goal was timed in one minute and 35 seconds. According to BT Sport, it is the fastest start to an away game in the Premier League. The statistician is earning his corn with this one.

9 min: The game piece comes to naught. But Long is walking quickly through the left channel to win another turn for the saints. This is also not an event, but it is a decent response to stay behind in ridiculous circumstances on the side of the house.

7 min: Armstrong has an excavation of 25 meters, just to the right of the center. Tarkowski stretches one leg to deflect to a corner, Southampton's first in the match.

5 min: the saints try to fight back quickly, Boufal crossing from the right towards Long at the far post. Long heads returning to the finish line, but with Pope out of position, there is no one to poke at home.

4 min: What a bizarre punishment. I have no idea what Ings was doing. A deliberate decision to let the ball pass. McCarthy gave him a shout to leave him. A tramp …

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