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South Africa v England: second Test, day four – live!

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England player Joe Denly (2nd left) is congratulated by his teammates after taking South Africa batter Dean Elgar's wicket after the review.

41st place: South Africa 100-1 (Malan 46, Hamza 12) Bess gets a kick in Hamza, who lets his body pass for four minutes. This is drinks.

9.44 EST09: 44

40th place: South Africa 96-1 (Malan 46, Hamza 12) Ben Stokes enters the attack. It has a bowling average of 33.38, higher than that of Mark Ealham, Dermot Reeve and Richard Illingworth. He starts with a ball without a ball before hitting a good length with a little support for Malan. As during the entrances, Malan shows an immaculate judgment off the trunk.

Round 39: South Africa 95-1 (Malan 46, Hamza 12) England are not required to play a spinner at Kelvin Grove End, but it is what Joe Root has done since Bess joined the attack. Not much is happening to him – a little upset, but not much. South Africa should be starting to have a chance to draw this match.

at 9.44 EST

38th place: South Africa 90-1 (Malan 44, Hamza 9) Broad goes around Malan with a good kick that takes the lead and dribbles out. England really needs at least one more wicket tonight, and I'm surprised we haven't seen Ben Stokes yet.

“Performing miracles from time to time is good,” says OB Jato, “but I think we can all agree that Colin de Grandhomme is the father of Test all-rounders?”

No I still wake up each morning sweating cold, eight hours after his spell in the World Cup final, the walls inexorably closing.

37th place: South Africa 89-1 (Malan 43, Hamza 9) A bit of e-mail comes in, I still lose the real cricket. The striking Malan pulls back in his crease to force consecutive deliveries of Bess by two and three. He is an alert runner, Malan, and has only reached two limits in his 43 years.

at 9:34 am EST

36th: South Africa 83-1 (Malan 38, Hamza 8) "Flintoff is a bit like Harmison," says Stephen Wolstencroft. “When he participated, he was the best in the world, but there were a lot of shows when he was nowhere near his best and / or drunk at sea. Stokes is a more consistent, better scout and has a habit of catching important wickets and playing Flintoff resistance spells. Freddie is better at chess, however.

Not sure if I agree with that. As a scout, of course, but as a bowling player, I thought Flintoff was consistently excellent from 2004 to the knee, and yet he produced this epic spell at the 2009 Lord's Test against Australia. Flintoff's game C was much better than Harmison's in my humble game.

Stokes is a much better scout, although Freddie had a golden period from 2003 to 2006. I would say Stokes is closer to Botham, who was also technically excellent as a scout.

35th: South Africa 83-1 (Malan 38, Hamza 8) Dom Bess replaces Joe Denly, who did his job getting rid of Dean Elgar. I'm still not convinced Elgar got it right, but hey. There is a return suggestion for Hamza, who makes a delivery inside the cushion and less than the man on the short leg. An accurate start from Bess.

34th place: South Africa 83-1 (Malan 38, Hamza 7) Broad extends to Hamza, who makes four points on the floor. England only has two slips anyway and that was pretty broad. It's hard yakka out there. England has 21 overs to carry another wicket or two.

"It's 30 years old from the comments," says David Murray. "Doesn't that ignore the fact that Stokes, Flintoff and even Botham may not have won so many matches compared to the best?"

It depends on how you define the winner of the match, I suppose. Jason Roy and Jos Buttler won the 2019 Headingley Test, but scored 23 races between them.

33rd place: South Africa 78-1 (Malan 38, Hamza 3) Hamza makes the mark with a confident Denly cut. He seems far less threatening to the right-handed than to Elgar. It may be worth trying to attack from the round.

"See what Stokes did today to create a victory scenario," says David Kelsey. “He went out and (elegantly) got 72 out of 47 points. He could have done things very differently, but he set the stage for the team; and he does it all the time. The averages are useful, the context is useful.

Yes, but the context, like lunch, is difficult. This is why most people treat averages as gospel. Anyway, Stokes and Kallis are so different that it makes no sense to try to compare them. It's like comparing a historical orgasm and a massive bank balance.

at 9:18 am EST

32nd: South Africa 73-1 (Malan 36, Hamza 0) Stuart Broad replaces Sam Curran (6-2-9-0). It's a bespoke bowling change, as Broad has fired Zubayr Hamza on every entry in this series. Hamza looks eager to get out of the strike, but he does his best to survive the last four balls of the final.

"The wicket race in the Oz match was innocuous in the extreme," says Martin Turnbull. "You can let David Murray know that your accusation will be remembered in the next Ashes." Looking forward to seeing the Poms end the sword next year: 4-1 is my initial prediction. "

What makes you so confident in England that you'll win the fifth test?

9:08 EST09: 08

31st place: South Africa 73-1 (Malan 36, Hamza 0) Denly continues, although she is now bowling for two righties. He prefers to play with a southpaw, but no one should get to Quinton from Kock.

Day 30: South Africa 72-1 (Malan 35, Hamza 0) "Is It Just Me Or 'XX Can't Be Judged By The Statistics', The Standard English Cricket Fan Speaks & # 39; Isn't it really that good? "says Indy Bagral. “You all love to talk about outstanding performances, but part of what makes these performances stand out is the scum that surrounds them. Stokes's 4th entries in Headingley will live in folklore, but politely ignore the fact that if he hadn't gone after a wide 30 odd by 3 in the first entries, maybe some Hollywood heroes wouldn't be needed in the first place? It has always been a personal conviction of mine that this English preference for a highlight outweighs the boring and consistent real brilliance is what keeps them from being the best for an extended period of time. "

I know what you mean, but I don't particularly agree. I don't have time to respond properly, but I always believe there is a small group of altruistic winners (Adam Gilchrist was another) whose impact cannot be conveyed by averages.

Day 29: South Africa 71-1 (Malan 34, Hamza 0) This was Joe Denly's first test wicket.

9:01 EST09: 01

Elgar shyly shoved off the stump at Denly and was caught behind. He revised immediately, thinking that his staff had hit the ground. There was the smallest increase in UltraEdge when the ball went over the edge and then another increase when the bat hit the ground. That was enough for the third referee to defend the original decision. My instinct is that Elgar did not get it right, but I suppose there was not enough evidence for the third referee to annul.

at 09h3 EST

POSTIGO! South Africa 71-1 (Elgar c Buttler b Denly 34)

Joe Denly attacked! It's a pretty controversial resignation, which was confirmed in the review, but Elgar left.

England player Joe Denly (2nd left) is congratulated by his teammates after taking South Africa batter Dean Elgar's wicket after the review. Photography: Stu Forster / Getty Images

at 9:09 am EST

28th day: South Africa 64-0 (Malan 29, Elgar 32) That's good of Curran, who is using a lot of variations in trying to make something happen. If Anderson and Broad are the classic interrogators, then Curran is more like Manny from Black Books. That one over, an Elgar maiden, was the fifth of her spell. He may have one more before Ben Stokes, who is a different kind of cop, replaces him in that sense.

at 8:55 am EST

26th place: South Africa 61-0 (Malan 28, Elgar 30) Curran passes the wicket to Malan, who makes a good delivery across the floor for the second slide.

"Hi Rob," says David Murray. “It's interesting to read about Warner and Labuschagne being penalized for running over the field (probably trying to make things easier for Lyon in the fourth round). Is Australia not averse to cheating yet?

I didn't see it, but I would be surprised if it was deliberate. It doesn't make much sense because they would win anyway and we are still in the public relations years.

Day 25: South Africa 60-0 (Malan 28, Elgar 29) “Happy New Year Rob, and to everyone who reads OBO,” says Chris Drew. “Speaking of Marnŵ fach's leg bowling for Australia, he was also Glamorgan's second biggest wicket winner last season. I'm trying to contain my enthusiasm for the new season … "

He will not only trouble the gunners, he will beg them for mercy.

24th: South Africa 57-0 (Malan 27, Elgar 27) Sam Curran is still on the other side, the one with the crack. Malan brings a sharp single to mid-off, a reflection of South Africa's positive intent since tea. They scored 10 in two overs, all in one and two.

23rd round: South Africa 52-0 (Malan 24, Elgar 26) There are 33 matches to play tonight. England will probably need at least two shutters in this period to ensure a good night's sleep. Part-time Joe Denly, who looked dangerous before tea, got Elgar in trouble right away. Your third ball spit from …

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