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Sony AI launched with 'gaming project' in the center

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Sony AI launched with 'gaming project' in the center

Sony has just established a new organization for research and development of artificial intelligence solutions, and at the heart of the research is gaming, as part of one of three pilot projects.

With divisions in Europe, the US, and Japan, Sony AI aims to "drive the development of artificial intelligence in the physical and virtual space through cutting-edge, high-quality designs." The organization will start with three, Gaming, Image & Senses and Gastronomy.

"The adoption of new AI technologies developed through these pioneering projects will be critical to increasing the value of Sony's gaming and sensor sales business in the coming years."

"The research will take place in close collaboration with relevant business units at Sony." Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, will manage Sony AI's global operations.

Regarding how artificial intelligence can be integrated with PlayStation products, Sony recently registered an AI-based voice assistant, 'PlayStation Assist', which aims to prevent users from becoming frustrated with games with which get involved.

Examples used include Horizon: Zero Dawn, where players can request the location of the life recovery item closest to their location, with PlayStation Assist placing a mark on the game's mini map. Another example is Santa Monica's God of War studio, the description tells us of a system that sends the player instructions on how to defeat an enemy using a sequence of commands.

How all this will be integrated into the future of gaming to shape and individualize player experiences, only the future will tell. In the case of Sony, the future is the Playstation 5, a console that hits the market late next year.

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