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Slack launches Connect, a feature that allows companies to communicate in the same…

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Slack launches Connect, a feature that allows companies to communicate in the same...

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Slack lança Connect, recurso que permite a empresas se comunicarem em um mesmo canal

Slack announced last Wednesday (24) Connect, a feature that allows companies to integrate up to 20 other companies into a single channel, as a way to integrate information into a repository to optimize communication — and reduce the need to exchange emails, since they are all gathered in one place

The novelty makes sense when one thinks about the routine of startups, a public that helped popularize the service. The vast majority of these businesses need to partner with suppliers to coordinate product launches or innovations, and focusing all communication in one place can significantly improve the speed of conversation quality.

In addition to being a hub for sharing conversations and documents, Connect-enabled channels will be able to add integrations and automate workflows, and both sides will have control to make those modifications.

Ilan Frank, vice president of Slac, explained in the disclosure video that companies can, for example, create an integration capable of accessing the calendar of all users present on the channel and thus scheduling a meeting at a time when everyone is available.

Strengthening competition

Data security was a topic covered in the Connect presentation. Larkin Ryder, the company’s security leader, reported
that you will need to have an access key to join a channel
and, should the project end and your company leaves the channel, the
company will make your data private to other participants.

Initially, Connect will be available to paid users and limited to 20 channels, but the company is already working to increase the number of companies and also offer the benefit to users who use the free version of the software.

The news is part of the company’s recent efforts to maintain its competitive solution during this period, in which remote work is being adopted on a large scale in the world. The company recently partnered with Amazon to use Chime, the retailer’s video conferencing solution, as the service’s official audio and video communicator.


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