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Sirtfood, the diet that made Adele lose tens of pounds

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Sirtfood, the diet that made Adele lose tens of pounds

Adele's weight loss gained worldwide repercussions and many comments on social media after photographs of the 31-year-old British singer were published during a vacation on an Anguilla beach in the Caribbean.

According to the UK press, Adele adopted the Sirtfood diet, known for suppressing appetite and with a meal plan that includes the consumption of red wine and dark chocolate in small quantities. It is estimated that lost between 45 to 68 pounds.

But after all, what is sirtfood?

It is a food rich in sirtuin activators. Sirtuins are a class of enzyme that protect the body's cells from dying or igniting due to disease, the perfect match for the immune system. Research has also shown that these enzymes can help regulate metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat.

Although wine and chocolate are suspicious, these foods are allowed because both are rich in sirtuin activators. However – and obviously – they are not the only foods in the diet – and no, you will not lose weight by drinking Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional or eating cat tongues (#sadlife). The eating plan focuses exactly on eating healthy foods, such as apples, cabbage, turmeric, arugula, buckwheat, blueberries and citrus fruits. Another important sirtfood is coffee.

The Sirtfood diet has two stages: In the first, calories are considerably restricted, meaning you need to eat 1000 calories a day, which includes eating three green juices and a meal rich in sirtfoods a day. The second phase is more permissive, but there is still control – the intake is increased to 1500 calories per day, adding one more meal. The long-term ideal is to adjust your lifestyle and include as much dietary sirtuine as possible.

Note that countries where people naturally consume a greater number of foods with this enzyme are regularly classified as the healthiest in the world, namely Japan and Italy.

Before adopting any dietary diet it is essential to talk to an endocrinologist or nutritionist to know its benefits and consequences.

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