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See how Tesla, with Autopilot, swerves to avoid an accident

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Electrek says it has recently seen an increase in the number of reports from Tesla owners showing Autopilot, or more specifically active safety features powered by Autopilot, preventing accidents by doing some impressively aggressive evasive maneuvers.

A Tesla Model 3 owner claimed that “Autopilot saved his life” by turning around a freeway failure, and another similar incident was also captured on video last year. More recently, we reported on Tesla Autopilot to avoid running over a pig in the middle of the road.

Over the years, videos of Tesla vehicles on Autopilot involved in accidents have gone viral and have been republished by media outlets around the world. On the other hand, it is much more frequent that Autopilot and collision avoidance systems help to prevent accidents, but these events are not so frequently reported and known and so it is worth sharing this with our friends who only hear about cases where autopilot causes accidents.

Thanks @elonmusk and the @Tesla team. #Autopilot just saved me from having a very bad day! #TeslasAreAwesome #AutopilotForTheWin@TeslaOwnersSK pic.twitter.com/jHjZbjl4Cr

– Russ Lepage (@russlepage) June 18, 2020

As usual, keep in mind that while Tesla’s Autopilot is showing impressive performance, we must always be on the lookout and be ready to take control with our hands on the wheel. We are beginning to see an increasing number of reports from Tesla owners about the Autopilot doing some really aggressive maneuvers to prevent accidents.

In this recent example, a Tesla owner shares an Autopilot video deflecting to avoid a deer at the last second. During the early days of Autopilot, Tesla was limiting the system to making drastic evasive maneuvers to avoid causing accidents. Instead, you would only apply brakes or walk away if you were not 100% sure that a collision was inevitable, and you can still reduce the impact by slowing down the car.

Now a Tesla owner, Russ Lepage, from Saskatchewan, Canada, has shared an impressive Autopilot video doing something similar to avoiding a deer on the road: The TeslaCam video shows a Model 3 doing a very quick maneuver to avoid the deer, and Lepage claims that Autopilot did it automatically. We have already seen the Autopilot detecting deer before, although the system does not represent a deer, in the driving view, you can see that the Autopilot detected an object represented as a pedestrian.

Source: Electrek

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