Home lifestyle Seasonality and common sense (or how to add scarmoza, pancetta, watercress and quince …


Seasonality and common sense (or how to add scarmoza, pancetta, watercress and quince …

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Seasonality and common sense (or how to add scarmoza, pancetta, watercress and quince ...

Situated at the beginning of 22 Rosemary Street, the Mano a Mano restaurant strictly follows some of the best Italian recipes, such as the margherita pizza (or margarita) from Naples. But among the 30 varieties of pizza, there's always room for creativity and riskier gambling. That's why pizza with spicy tomato sauce, scarmoza, pancetta, watercress and quince (€ 13.50), which is one of Chef Isaac's creations for the pop-up menu that is now available at this already successful restaurant. among lovers of italian food. Isaac Jorge (responsible for the entire Italian gastronomic concept of the SushiCafé group, executive chef of the East Italian and now Mano a Mano Italian menu) has chosen the best seasonal ingredients and has integrated them into this menu in an original and tasty way.

In addition to pizza, there is a starter of focaccia with gorgonzola, marmalade and pepperoncinos (€ 6) and roasted pumpkin risotto, goat and chestnuts (€ 14.50). "The pumpkin is present in risotto to which I still added some notes of nuts" as the chef explains. In addition, there is still room for the typical oven-baked pancetta, which comes with a sublime mashed potato, mushrooms, quince and chestnuts (€ 17.50). Thus, the chef also chose to include tubers such as cassava, potato and cherovia. "All of them seasonal and local produce supplied by our partner local producers" as explained in a press release.

Finally, and beyond the chef's creativity is evident in these new dishes outside the fixed menu – antipasti, primi piatti – there is a third moment: dolci. "For dessert I made a ricotta cheesecake where, instead of strawberry jam, I opted for the persimmon (€ 6), for me, the fruit that best represents autumn," he concludes. With the rain falling outside, and the warmth and warmth of Mano a Mano's interior, it becomes the perfect getaway to prove what you really know about seasonality.

Where? Rua do Alecrim, 22, Lisbon When? Sunday to Thursday from 12:30 to 23h and Friday to Saturday from 12:30 to midnight. Reservations 914 054 273

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