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Samsung offers tablet to boy who used store device to do work …

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Samsung offers tablet to boy who used store device to do work ...

Last week, a video of a young guy who used a display tablet from a Samsung store in Brazil to do a schoolwork, made a fury and thrilled people on social networks.

It is a story about inequality but also willpower and disengagement, this feature so Latin that caught the attention of Samsung herself, who quickly commented on the video, asking for help identifying the smallest: "Thank you all for marking us on We are also very interested to meet you, can you help us locate it? " It can be read.

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Shall we trigger the good chain to find the boy, guys? Ajuda "Help me, please! I wanted to meet this giant !! Can you help me get to him? I don't know, will anyone here know him … Please, I really want to help him!" That's how his colleague says in the video, if he really needs it, I'll find a way to help this little fucking man! Posso Can I count on you? " ⠀ ⠀ Via @rightteacher Video by @ luiz0585. Edit 1: Gentee, we found Guilherme! We talked to his mother, Mrs. Rose right now, and soon gave more information. Just good things, huh 🙏 Edit 2: Guys, we talked to him and his family! We made a kitty, the link is in the bio! Run there!

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The boy's name is Guilherme, who is 10 years old and, having no computer at home, used the devices of the store to do work for the geography discipline.

In addition to generating a wave of solidarity with the creation of a fund to invest in the studies of the small, the store manager also made a point of offering a brand Tablet, including accident insurance, which we all try to avoid whenever We bought a new device.

"Everything is already right for his tablet and we will also assist in the insurance of the device against accidents," said Gustavo Duque, service manager of Nagem group and responsible for that Samsung store.

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