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Russia tests RuNet: the Russian internet

by ace

Last Monday, the Russian government announced have been able to “disconnect” Russia from the world wide web.

Second statements Alexey Sokolov, Deputy Head of the Russian Ministry of Communications, said the tests went as planned: “The results of the exercise show that, in general, both authorities and telecommunications operators are prepared to respond effectively to new risks and threats, to ensure the stable functioning of both the internet and the unified telecommunications network of the Russian Federation. ”


But what does that mean exactly?

It means that the Russian government, like China and Iran, wants to create a kind of "Russian intranet", as if it were a company's internal network, only we are talking about one country (and one that occupies almost one continent). whole!) and creating a Russian internet means trying to control the information that Russian citizens have access to.

Even before there was a green light for testing, the Kremlin passed the "internet sovereignty law", which allows the Russian state to "shut down" the country from the rest of the internet on "national security grounds". When these reasons are invoked, all internet service providers (ISPs) must redirect traffic through strategic checkpoints under the Ministry of Communications.

Experts doubt that, despite the success of the tests, Russia will be able to implement this completely isolated home network. Already in the past, I had had some difficulties trying to prevent Russians from using the Telegram application (cloud-based messaging application that encrypts messages that users exchange).

And for this intranet to work, all ISPs must collaborate with the government. Of course state-owned operators should not object, but the same is not to be expected from private operators or foreign companies operating in Russia.

Russia has already shown intentions to create its own Wikipedia and has just passed a law that will ban the sale of smartphones that do not have Russian software preinstalled.

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