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Rui Teixeira appointed EDP Renováveis ​​interim CEO

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The Board of Directors of EDP Renováveis ​​(EDPR) “decided to appoint Eng. Rui Manuel Rodrigues Lopes Teixeira as a new member of the executive committee and delegated director, who is responsible for coordinating the work of this committee and for liaising with EDP. – main shareholder of EDPR “, announced the company in a statement released at dawn this Tuesday at the CMVM.

“The EDPR management team remains in an entirely normal operation and exercising its functions with its usual and serene sense of mission to create sustainable value for its shareholders, namely with regard to the execution of the 2019 Strategic Agenda -2022 presented to the market in March 2019 and to whose objectives it remains entirely and inextricably linked “, he adds.

The decision was taken in the context of an ongoing legal proceeding related to the activity of EDP – Energias de Portugal, which holds 82.6% of EDPR’s capital.

It is recalled that the chairman of the EDPR board of directors, António Mexia, and the vice president and CEO, João Manso Neto, were notified yesterday about the application of the coercive measure to suspend the exercise of functions in management or administration in companies of the EDP Group, the process being kept under investigation.

Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade was appointed instead of Mexia.


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