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Rugby World Cup: tournament in question as Japan braces for super Typhoon…

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Justin mccurry

Alan Gilpin was asked if the Rugby World Cup regrets these cancellations.

"There are no regrets," he says. "I think what you have seen in the last three weeks absolutely justifies the decision to hold the tournament here in Japan.

"It is rare for such a typhoon to cause such impacts at the end of the typhoon season.

"We made the right decision."

Scotland game decision postponed until Sunday morning with weather forecast

The Scottish World Cup is still in doubt after tournament organizers said on Thursday they would wait until Sunday morning to decide whether Scotland's final and decisive match against Japan would continue that night, as large parts of the country await the arrival of one of the teams. the most powerful typhoons in decades.

England and France, however, will not play in Yokohama on Saturday night, with World Rugby and tournament organizers taking the unprecedented step of canceling the match. Both teams qualified for the quarterfinals with a game to spare.

Tournament director Alan Gilpin told reporters that "after an extensive assessment of the weather information," the organizers decided to take the unprecedented step of canceling matches between New Zealand and Italy and England and France vs. France.

Matches will be treated as 0-0 draws and each time two points will be awarded.

"We made the decision very difficult, but we thought the decision to cancel matches was correct," Gilpin said, adding that Australia / Georgia and Ireland / Ireland Samoa would go ahead.

"The decision to cancel these matches was not taken lightly and had as a priority the safety of players, fans and volunteers," said Gilpin.

He said the risks are "very challenging" to provide a fair and consistent approach to all teams and ensure the safety of the spectators. Fans with tickets for both canceled games will receive a refund.

at 11:18 pm EDT

Gilpin says RWC is giving advice to all junk fans in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas "to stay home, not to travel and monitor the Rugby World Cup through digital and social channels."

New Zealand vs Italy and England vs France matches canceled

Alan Gilpin is reviewing a list of this weekend's games and the impact typhoon will have on them:

Australia v Georgia will move on.

Ireland vs Samoa will move on.

New Zealand v Italy will be canceled.

England v France will be canceled.

Unless I lost, he didn't say what will happen to the Japan x Scotland game.

at 11:09 pm EDT

Departures canceled due to Hagibis, RWC confirms

Alan Gilpin, head of the Rugby World Cup, is speaking now.

He says they are "Confirming adjustments to match schedule" as a result of Hagibis' predicted impact.

This includes "unfortunately the decision to cancel matches for security reasons".

The officers are coming and sitting on the podium. Cue the crazy shuttering of cameras.

at 23:00 EDT

10:59 PM EDT 22: 59

Ooh, we have someone talking. They are just issuing clean-up notices about translation, asking people to raise their hands, identify themselves and speak slowly for translators.

We have a live press conference broadcast (which is also embedded at the top of this blog), but as you will see, nothing is happening and we are awaiting authorities including Mick Wright, Alan Gilpin, Akira Shimasu and Koji Horluchi. to get.

Our rugby union correspondent, Rob Kitson, is there and says, "There's a lot of interest from around the world, as you'd expect. Clearly, it's an extreme weather situation, but World Rugby is under a little pressure to clarify a issues, including the exact number of games that organizers still want to reschedule.If Scotland v Japan does not happen for any reason, there will be a big dispute; Meanwhile, England is moving to a new base away from Tokyo today to avoid the approaching typhoon. ”

Our rugby union correspondent Gerard Meagher explains what is happening and what it could mean for the tournament:

World Rugby may be forced to take the unprecedented step of canceling Saturday's Pool C match between England and France and Scotland's crucial game with Japan 24 hours later, when the category five super typhoon goes to Yokohama. Both matches were among the most sought after when tickets went on sale.

Any games canceled due to weather problems are recorded as goalless draws, with both sides gaining two points. While England and France have already qualified for the quarterfinals, this could have major consequences for Scotland's Group A game with the hosts, which is also taking place at Yokohama's 72,000-seat stadium. If this match is canceled, Scotland will be eliminated, assuming Ireland beat Samoa on Saturday.

One of World Rugby's contingency plans is to move both games elsewhere, but that would wreak havoc for over 140,000 fans over the weekend and prove a huge logistical headache for tournament organizers.

Super Typhoon Hagibis endangers matches

Hello, welcome to Guardian's live coverage of today's Rugby World Cup weather-related drama.

World Rugby is scheduled to hold a press conference announcing a decision on whether Super Typhoon Hagibis will cause some of this weekend's matches to be canceled or moved.

Japan is awaiting updates on the progress of one of the most violent super typhoons in recent history, which, if it hits Japan as expected on Saturday, could cause serious damage and potential casualties.

Rugby fans are watching Typhoon's progress carefully, for its impact on the World Cup. Two crucial games face cancellation or disturbing last-minute moves to a new location due to Hagibis.

Scotland are scheduled to play in Japan at the 72,000-seat Yokohama Stadium on Sunday, and England are scheduled to play in France at the same venue on Saturday. Both matches were among the most sought after when tickets went on sale.

The stakes are higher for the Scots, who would be eliminated if the match against Japan was canceled, assuming Ireland beat Samoa in Fukuoka on Saturday.

Rugby World Cup and World Cup organizers are scheduled to hold a midday local time press conference on Thursday (04:00 BST, 14:00 AEDT). Our correspondent in Japan, Justin McCurry, is present at the press conference to bring us news. Our stellar Rugby World Cup team is also on hand to provide analysis and reaction to any announcement made today.

Thanks for following up. If you have questions, comments, witty replies or are the holder of one of these matches and have thoughts to share, please contact us through the comments, email us at (kate.lyons@theguardian.com) or at Twitter. I want to hear from you.

Otherwise, we will break.

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