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QNAP Supports Archiware P5 and Pure to Deliver Functional Cloud Backup, Tape …

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QNAP Supports Archiware P5 and Pure to Deliver Functional Cloud Backup, Tape ...

QNAP and Archiware jointly announced that the QNAP NAS QTS 4.4.1 operating system now supports the latest Archiware P5 and Pure software. This seamless integration will enable media and entertainment (M&E) industries and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to intelligently and easily protect their digital resources and virtual machines (VMs).

The latest QTS 4.4.1 improves the usability of QNAP NAS by incorporating long-anticipated services, including cloud storage gateways to facilitate hybrid cloud storage applications, source-based deduplication to optimize backup and restore efficiency, a solution. Fiber Channel SAN and more. Archiware's P5 software package offers cross-platform data management for backup, archiving and cloning. Browser-based software is now optimized to run on QTS 4.4.1, and consists of four separate modules for protecting and restoring data: P5 Synchronize, P5 Backup, P5 Backup2Go, and P5 Archive. For long-term and offsite data protection, P5 Backup and P5 Archive also support backing up QNAP NAS data to LTO tape and public cloud as storage destination options. P5 Archive's mini-MAM features make it extremely easy to find and reuse resources.

Virtualization is an essential component of modern IT infrastructures. By integrating with Archiware Pure 2.0, QNAP NAS can provide a perfect backup solution to ensure VMware virtual machines are maintained and backed up securely. Archiware Pure is free software with optional paid technical support that can help SMEs protect their VMware environment for free and simplify backup and restore of virtual machines.

“The data management solution that integrates Archiware P5, Archiware Pure and QNAP enhances customer data management capabilities while providing secure long-term storage and data protection that was previously only available to businesses,” said Josef Doods, Archiware CEO. “Long-term preservation of LTO tape multimedia features offers the most professional and durable solution at the lowest terabyte (TB) price. Archiware and QNAP are now making it accessible for more customers to be able to preserve, tag, and find resources for reuse, reference, and monetization as easily as creating multimedia. ”

“We are very excited to be joining Archiware to bring enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery capabilities to organizations of all sizes,” said Meiji Chang, QNAP General Manager. “As file sizes get larger and video resolution continues to increase, and companies put important production and operating data on VMs, our partnership with Archiware eliminates the challenges of backup and recovery of multimedia files and VMware VMs. ”


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