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Pregnant firefighter on fighting fires: ‘It’s been hairy but it’s worth it’

by ace
Kat Robinson-Williams

The social media post of a pregnant volunteer firefighter went viral after she defended her decision to fight the wildfires that sweep across Australia.

At the your Instagram postKat Robinson-Williams argued, "I won't be left behind. No, I don't care if you don't like it … I love my country. I love my mates, and if that means I'm needed on the ground, I'll always do it." the way while I can physically help. ”

Robinson-Williams is 13 weeks pregnant. Since her proud mother published her story earlier this week, she has been flooded with supportive comments – some from fellow firefighters.

The spotlight is “surprising for the fire service and on-site staff,” said Robinson-Williams during a telephone interview with CTVNews.ca. "I didn't do it for the attention. I just posted it to my friends and it kind of blew up – she laughed.

Robinson-Williams had originally accessed social media because some of her friends and family had told her to stop fighting.

As for the potential health risks from smoke inhalation, she wears the standard breathing masks and "I cleaned up with my doctors … so if I can do that, I'll be there independently."

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Firefighting is second nature to Robinson-Williams, a 23-year-old child care worker who has offered to fight fires for the past 11 years.

"It's my way of giving back to the community, because the community over the years has given me so much," she explained, adding that her long-term daycare managers "graciously let me go to the fires."

To those who say she is being reckless, she said, "You know all the risks. And you trust your training and they prepare you very well for those situations."

Experienced firefighters are especially needed as wildfires continue to occur on the drought-stricken east coast of Australia, killing at least four lives. Hundreds are estimated to have fled their homes for the second time in a week.

Robinson-Williams, a volunteer with the New South Wales Rural Fire Department, worked in teams of about 50 people, including local and national firefighters, police and paramedics.

"It's just something I've always done. My family is all firefighters," she said. Her grandmother is 50 years old and still going on; and her father has 25 years of experience. Her brother and brothers-in-law, uncle and husband would also volunteer to firefighting.

Her mother, who offered to fight fires for 30 years, helped put out fires in 1995 when she was pregnant with Robinson-Williams.

So for Robinson-Williams, it would be strange if she shirked her responsibilities to the community when she was at risk.

“My house is threatened. My friends' house is under threat … it was hairy, but it's worth it, "she said.

She explained that most people she knew were also volunteer firefighters. “It's phenomenal to see so many families – brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers – all in the service. It's great, "she said." It's the most rewarding thing. "

Robinson-Williams says he will drop the hose when he is close to 30 weeks pregnant with his "little fireman under construction".


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