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Police: Suspect in Chicago bike attack shoots officer

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Police: Suspect in Chicago bike attack shoots officer

A man suspected of shooting and injuring a Chicago police officer on Saturday is the cyclist suspected of shooting a woman in the back in broad daylight near the city center earlier this week, police said.

Michael Blackman, 45, has managed to escape both shootings and must be considered armed and dangerous, tweeted police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi on Saturday. Blackman was not charged in any of the shots.

The policeman was shot and wounded around 8:40 am while serving a warrant on the south side of town. Police and federal agents were searching the area for the suspect, Guglielmi wrote.

The injured officer, whose name was not immediately disclosed, underwent surgery and was hospitalized in stable condition. Doctors say the policeman lost nearly a third of his blood following a groin injury despite applying a tourniquet, Guglielmi tweeted.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot went to the hospital and met the policeman's family.

On Friday, police released a surveillance video of a bike shop showing Blackman at the counter fixing a flat tire just minutes before he allegedly walked over to a woman and shot her in the back. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the woman had surgery and should survive.

Two other police officers were injured in an unrelated case earlier Saturday. Police say police responded to a call about an armed man inside a South Side restaurant shortly after four in the morning. After the cops patted the man and found the gun, he passed them, ran out, got into a vehicle and drove the two cops before fleeing.

Both officers were hospitalized for abrasions, bruises, internal injuries and possible bone fractures. Their names and the driver's name, if the police know, were not disclosed.



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