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Police: Slain Arkansas officer ‘ambushed’ in patrol vehicle

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Arkansas police say a police officer was “ambushed and executed” by a gunman sitting in his patrol vehicle parked in front of the police station

December 8, 2019 at 4:07 pm

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A policeman was "ambushed and executed" by a gunman sitting in his patrol vehicle parked outside his police station in northwest Arkansas, police said on Sunday.


Fayetteville police said in a statement that police officer Stephen Carr was shot dead late Saturday by a suspect identified as 35-year-old London Phillips of Fayetteville.

Shots were heard behind the police department at about 9:42 pm. Saturday, the police said. When police responded, they heard additional gunfire and found an armed suspect behind the police department. They said the suspect had a confrontation with the police, who shot and killed him. The police then found Carr shot inside his patrol vehicle.

Carr was hired by the Fayetteville Police Department in April 2017 and was assigned as a patrol officer in the entertainment district of Dickson Street. Police called him a "hero" and said he served with dedication and professionalism for 2 ½ years.

Police Chief Mike Reynolds told a news conference that police officers chased the suspect in an alley between the police department and the city prosecutor's office. The police shot and killed the suspect.

Reynolds said the cop was waiting for his partner in the parking lot when the shooting happened. He said he didn't know the shooter's motivation.


"Looks like the suspect got into the back parking lot and just executed my cop," Reynolds said.

Emergency medical personnel responded to the scene, but the policeman and the suspected gunman died of the injuries.

Authorities did not disclose the names of the gunman or dead officer, nor the names of the responding police officers.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should work at the crime scene, Reynolds said.

The gunfire caused a fright in the neighboring town square, where a crowd was watching the installation of Ozarks' lights, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette said. Police say there is no threat to the public.


The fatal Arkansas shootout followed the death of a Houston police officer on Saturday night.

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