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Paula Rego's return to Serralves

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Paula Rego's return to Serralves

The exhibition "Paula Rego. The Cry of Imagination", which opened on October 25, is Casa de Serralves and brings together works representative of various periods of the artist's work, responsible for defining a new paradigm in contemporary Portuguese painting. . The exhibition brings together works representative of various periods of his heritage, including works such as "Pendle Witches" (1996) and "Shakespeare's Room" (2006) from the Paula Rego House of Stories (property of Cascais Town Hall), totaling 35 pieces.

The focus of this initiative is on the ability of art to reveal universes where surprise is based on the fundamental yearnings of contemporary society, the role of women in this universe, and the ability to question everyday life in a distorted social reality.

This is the third House exhibition dedicated to Paula Rego after the 1988 and 2004 exhibitions. The artist brings to life the memory and criticism of the times that marked her works through the hybridization of different universes, in a union between erudite and popular art. , daily life and exceptionality between collected stories and elaborated fictions.

Part of the ground floor will be devoted to his work since the 1990s, when the protagonists are almost always human, especially the various facets of women, and may assume characteristics of other living beings. The whole upstairs will have works from the 80's, as is the case with the painting "Four girls playing with the dog". At this time Rego is dedicated to acrylic and gouache painting, approaching comics and children's literature (explores the fables of Aesop, La Fontaine or Lewis Carrol), with a more naturalistic representation of the human, animal and plant figure.

The exhibition is organized by the Serralves Foundation (Museum of Contemporary Art) and curated by Marta Almeida.

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