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Patent shows what the Play Station 5 Controller might look like

by ace

As we know, Sony is betting heavily on its new version of Play Station. And no wonder, the competition is increasingly aggressive and wanting more market.

Microsoft has already shown its claws and has everything to be a beautiful opponent for our dear Japanese. Of course, Nintendo is not kidding either and is well prepared to enter the fray.

However, as we know, PS 5 has everything to be the best gaming console of the next generation. Of course, so far we have only a few unofficial rumors, but some information leads us to believe them. For example, Sony's heavy investment in its new PS5 controllers…

PS5 drivers

Sony has filed a patent for an updated DualShock controller, which will be the design that will be released with the PlayStation 5 next year. Interestingly, the documentation reveals four additional buttons on the back of the unit – particularly pertinent considering that the organization has just unveiled a back button attachment to the existing PlayStation 4 device.

Patent details explain slightly different uses for two of the newly added triggers, however.

According to the documentation, the larger keys will be employed to extend the length of the revised DualShock handles, meaning that they will fit different hand sizes more comfortably. The other buttons are, as you expected, designed for gameplay use.

We saw a prototype of the DualShock 5 and it looks a lot like its predecessor, although Sony has already confirmed that it will have advanced vibration technology and sturdy triggers.

Whether there are more surprises in store or simply prototyping new ideas, it is clear from this patent and the PS4 Back Button Attachment that you may be looking forward to adding some additional keys to your controllers. But as always, this is not 100% reliable information, we need to wait to see the results.



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