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Ominous whipped cream art comes to London’s Trafalgar Square

by ace

LONDON – The latest attraction of Trafalgar Square in London is a giant whirlpool of whipped cream covered with a cherry, a fly and a bumblebee.

The sculpture by artist Heather Phillipson was installed Thursday on top of an empty pedestal in the town square, famous for the location of Nelson’s Column and as a place of public protest. The work, entitled “The End”, is interactive – visitors can broadcast the drone view live on their cell phones or computers.

Phillipson said the play, whose disclosure was delayed for four months due to the coronavirus pandemic, was a “monument to arrogance and imminent collapse”, but it also symbolized hope for renewal. It is scheduled to stay on top of the Plaza’s Fourth Plinth until the spring of 2022.

The pedestal was erected in the square in 1841 for an equestrian statue never completed. Since 1999, it has been occupied by a number of modern works of art.


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