Home world Nothing seems to stop Wall Street from climbing. Alphabet is already worth a billion


Nothing seems to stop Wall Street from climbing. Alphabet is already worth a billion

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Nothing seems to stop Wall Street from climbing. Alphabet is already worth a billion

The Dow Jones ended up rising 0.86% to 29,280.24 points – after having established the highest value ever at 29,300.32 points during the session.

For its part, the Standard & Poor’s 500 ended the day adding up 0.75% to 3,316.81 points, after setting a new record in intraday trading – 3,317.11 points.

Also the technological Nasdaq Composite traded in green, closing to appreciate 0.98% to 9,357.13 points. A few minutes earlier he had set a new historic high, at 9,357.92 points.

The main US stock indexes continue to enter daily territory never before explored, with records after records.

Still boosted by the positive emphasis on the signing of the "phase 1" trade agreement between the US and China, which took place yesterday at the White House in Washington, on Thursday's session also the good quarterly results were helping to catapult Wall Street

Technology and financial sector shares led the gains at a time when previously reported accounts pleased investors.

Within these sectors, securities from banks and microprocessor makers were those that gained the most ground after reporting solid figures for the fourth quarter of 2019.

This was the case with Morgan Stanley – who also benefited from the optimistic estimates he made for the current year's accounts.

Also, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing's robust results sparked cross-border contagion and helped spark the industry in the United States.

Alphabet, the fourth US trillion-dollar baby

The big star of the day was Alphabet – Google's parent company -, which for the first time reached the status of "trillion-dollar baby". It closed up 0.76% to $ 1,450.16 per share and with a $ 1 billion market capitalization.

In August 2018, Apple was the first US listed to be worth a billion dollars. After that, the stock market value of two other US companies, also technological, was also written with 13 digits: Amazon and Microsoft.

Today, Alphabet joined this list, making it the fourth American company to reach a market value of one billion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars.

Attractive market

"The consumer sector is really in good shape. Then, when we take account of the easing of trade tensions between the US and China, the market becomes a good place to invest," Bloomberg's senior market strategist told Bloomberg. LPL Financial, Ryan Detrick.

Today the US Senate approved the free trade agreement drafted essentially by Donald Trump for the U.S., Mexico and Canada – and which replaces the former NAFTA.

This was the same day that senators were sworn in as judges who will evaluate the impeachment process aimed at ousting the president of the United States – but without much influence on investor sentiment, since the Senate is a Republican majority. .

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