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New Zealand v England: second Test, final day – live!

by ace
Frustration at utility rising as California blackouts endure

53rd round: New Zealand 161-2 (Williamson 66, Taylor 66) Fortified with drinks, Archer goes through another. By the way, today is a free admission, so if you have time in Hamilton, why not get discouraged?

Joe Denly should never have gone to Marnus Labuschagne Capture School, snorts David Markham.

while Dave Harris wonders, "Do you think Mrs. Denly is going to let Joe hold her son (https://mobile.twitter.com/joed1986/status/1172466162761908225) oversees when he gets home?

52nd place: New Zealand 157-2 (Williamson 65, Taylor 63) Good old Stuart Broad runs even further into those tired old legs. Unbeatable enthusiasm. Three singles not particularly memorable and drinks.

This sounds a little cruel, but here you go to accompany your coffee / cocoa.

Ali Martin

Feast your eyes … https://t.co/2Q7kQgVSK8

December 2, 2019

at 5:50 pm EST

51st place: New Zealand 155-2 (Williamson 62, Taylor 61) An Archer maiden. Trouble on the last ball when Taylor sends Williamson back and he just makes his crease through a sprawling dive.

50th place: New Zealand 155-2 (Williamson 62, Taylor 61) A Broad Maiden, when poorly ostracized Denly roams the field. Give someone a hug.

49th place: New Zealand 154-2 (Williamson 62, Taylor 61) Oh, honey. Cover the eyes. Joe Denly just left the babysitting of all the assistants. Archer approaches Williamson, one of those balls where he doesn't use his front arm. Williamson squeezes it directly into Denly's hands, in the middle of his mouth, and I mean straight, Denly doesn't move her feet an inch and just waits for the ball to get into her hands, which she does, and then falls back. Broad covers his mouth with his hands, Archer, who was already celebrating, puts his head in his hand and then laughs.

Day 48: New Zealand 151-2 (Williamson 59, Taylor 61) There is a multitude of bare feet on the edges on either side of the screen as this game meanders. A constant about Broad.

Ali Martin

He might as well have a duck … all this ruined hard work https://t.co/pUiIbLWEDm

December 2, 2019

47th place: New Zealand 149-2 (Williamson 59, Taylor 61) Archer again, not steamy but on the button. Just a couple on the other side.

Geoff Wignall offers this:


Who's there?


And you expect me to open the door?

46th place: New Zealand 147-2 (Williamson 58, Taylor 60) A double switch when Broad replaces Stokes. Nothing to report except Zak Crawley stumbling over the covers like a British rom-com hero negotiating unexpected ice.

at 5:55 pm EST

45th place: New Zealand 143-2 (Williamson 58, Taylor 56) Then Root turns to Archer. They have one man to another at the top of the mark and Root shuffles the field. Taylor spins and makes a short spin, 117 km / h, for a single, then Williamson bends down like a jumper.

I think if one thing we learned is that New Zealand is good enough to beat England and that the goalkeepers should have more adventure in preparing pitches for a result, writes Joe Harvey wisely: This second test was disappointing. As an England supporter, I'm afraid we haven't learned much yet – we're still trying to figure out if Root is a captain and if the bowling attack needs a more aggressive change.

I don't think our bowling hand is too bad: Broad, Archer, Curran, Woakes, Stokes – then play Anderson and Wood with Mahmood riding a fluorescent tabard.

at 5:55 pm EST

Fifty to Taylor

44th: New Zealand 143-2 (Williamson 58, Taylor 56) And fifty for Taylor as well, a heavier, riskier, but a lot of fun. He jumps off the ground to shake a Stokes by a ravine by four, then the next ball sends him through the covers to successive limits. Taylor and Williamson walk together, shoot the breeze and touch gloves.

at 5.24pm EST

Fifty to Williamson

Round 43: New Zealand 134-2 (Williamson 58, Taylor 47) Linda de Kane Williamson, first an extra dreamer, then drops her hands and kisses Curran to the third man for four more.


Some excellent nonsense of @finnysteve on TMS now @tjaldred. Offering to @Cricket_Mannhotel for dinner and a bedtime story. He's been discreetly good on this tour: no kidding. Frankly, after Pope's unfortunate absence, that's all we have.

December 2, 2019

I like him too. And Ramprakash both add something new to the cast.

at 5.24pm EST

42 onwards: New Zealand 124-2 (Williamson 49, Taylor 46) Taylor decides to lie on Stokes with a quick slap on the backward point by four. Lots of muscle, but no rewards yet for Stokes.

41st place: New Zealand 115-2 (Williamson 45, Taylor 40) Curran makes every move, every effort and sweaty hair. Williamson plays him poker face until he steals some players.

An email from John Starbuck.

Good evening.

1) Do you think a sport more obsessed with statistics than any other sport (OK Baseball, but that's just kind of rounders) would rely more on weather forecasts and start even earlier on the last day;

2) It seems that we are selecting players for the next, but a series at the moment and even later, having a chance to select young people who need experience abroad;

3) Tartlets should, properly, be accompanied by cups of Madeira now that we are in December. Pride: Since the early 1980s, I buy an extra bottle of wood every year to retire, and now that it's here, I'm happy to say it was all worth it. The problem is, the news has come and now I have to bring a 40-year-old bottle to all the Yuletide family parties. Note to the uninformed: Wood in bottles is known to mature very well for a longer and more varied treatment – in my case, several house changes, which is not the same as several trips across the Atlantic, but;

4) We hope you subscribe to this series aloft.

at 17h3 EST

40th place: New Zealand 113-2 (Williamson 45, Taylor 40) Stokes tester, he torments Williamson with length and jump variations.

The stellarossa

@tjaldred Root's two hundred only prolonged the captaincy debate, as well as Cook's highest scores when he was the big cheese.#rootout

December 2, 2019

You could say that, or it just means that he will be a more confident captain, with some form behind him, and can grow in office while other candidates develop / secure their place on the team.

39th point: New Zealand 113-2 (Williamson 43, Taylor 40) Two contrasting boundaries for Taylor out of Curran, a cover drive, all smooth hazel, then a toxic litter on the outer edge, passing the third man.

Good night Tanya

Good night Damian Clarke.

My nephew also has a new joke book. His favorite so far?

Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock.

Who's there?

Mr. Octopus

Very good.

37th place: New Zealand 103-2 (Williamson 43, Taylor 32) A fall! Stokes pushes a little and Williamson puts him on the side of the leg just for a Ollie Pope on porridge legs to drop. To rub salt on the wound, Williamson enthusiastically pulls Stokes by four and New Zealand takes the lead.

37th place: New Zealand 99-2 (Williamson 39, Taylor 32) A shy clever on Sam Curran's stumps could have had Taylor in trouble, but his foot was comfortably behind the crease. Curran completes a pure maiden.

William Hargreaves drops a line. What do you think will be the result, how fair would it be to reflect the capabilities of two teams and how do you think this will influence two teams in the future, please?

Wow. I think it deserves two sides of the A4. But briefly: a draw, a very true reflex (from England abroad) and I think this will give NZ some confidence in the Australian series and reveals that England's weaknesses are where they knew they were. Incisive turn, points 2 and 3 in batting order and killer instinct with the ball out of English conditions.

Day 36: New Zealand 99-2 (Williamson 39, Taylor 32) I wondered if Archer could get the ball from the other side, but Root asked Stokes, who played with Taylor last night. Once again, he seems to put Taylor in two minds, with the strange ball behaving unexpectedly off the field. Taylor pulls, inconclusively.

Day 35: New Zealand 98-2 (Williamson 39, Taylor 31) Sam Curran takes the ball and rushes off the Barmy Army side where a half-cut version of Jerusalem hits his ears.

And the players come – maybe for the last session of the series.

An early joke, for our more mature readers, is to take care of James Debens.

Someone stole the Trotters van Robin Reliant and sold it to the US.


No, but Rodney is very livid.

Another James, Butler this time, thinks Mike Atherton has forgotten the lesson of the near past.

It seems a little ironic to say now that Sibley is "a little limited." Personally, I would have given away my most precious cricket possession (a signed copy of Angus Fraser's Diaries) during the Ashes if we could find a limited player. that could have kicked 20 between lunch and tea in the face of …

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