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New Zealand v England: second Test, day three – live!

by ace
New Zealand v England: second Test, day three – live!

Today´s Deals

55th place: England 144-2 (Burns 78, Root 50) Burns sweeps Southee, New Zealand players make appreciative noise. It was kind of risky, but it worked.

Donald Barrett writes; I am jealous.

I saw Shane Warne the musical in Sydney. I liked it a lot. In fact, we saw one day after returning from Los Angeles, where we had just watched the Wagner ring cycle. Never say I don't have eclectic tastes.

Round 54: England 143-2 (Burns 77, Root 50) Southee wins first after lunch. The wind is coming over his right shoulder (thank you comment) and he finds a little sway. Root reaches out to find him, a little strange.

In addition, Rory Burn's mustache is visible through the grid on the other side of the field. I wonder if this could distract the player if he suddenly starts to fix on him.

The camera scans the field, looks like a cracker. Root and Burns come back.

A beautiful email from Will Webster, who needs help from OBO-ers.

When I am not watching cricket, I am a kind of artist and wonder if you or your readers can get a pretty odd idea of ​​a cricket-related photograph. A while ago, the mystery of google randomly presented me with a video to watch about New Zealand legend Richard Hadlee, which included a clip in which the great man scored 100 against the West Indies in 1979 (I think). Arriving at three digits, the celebrated Hadlee was confronted by a boy who had run to the middle with his camera. The scout posed a little awkwardly, the child knelt down, took the picture, and ran off. Has anyone seen the photograph the boy took? Google doesn't help anymore, but you may have come across this or similar images – it seems no one found it unusual at the time. I'm sure being so close to the action is not a point of view that many people, except gamers, had, and so I would be very curious to see what this pressure was like. Including a screenshot of the video here. Stay up the good work. Winter would not be the same without the disturbed sleep patterns of checking midnight cricket.


@tjaldred here is the picture of this picture! pic.twitter.com/ZrZshqb70t

December 1, 2019

My brother texts from Hamilton to say that Fat Freddy's Drop is in PA and everyone is discussing the outdoor field in a relaxed way for surfers. The sun is probably out and it has a plain white and some kind of elaborate pie too.

What can the northern hemisphere react to? A joke, that's it. Cue Simon Lacey

Not bad, Brian Withington, but you have to go a long way to go:
Two classic teachers meet at a bar in central Mexico City. “What would you like to drink, old man?” Says one. "I have no idea, old man, you decide," says the other. "Well, would you refuse a tequila?" "Oh, sure, old thing – tequila, tequila, tequila, tequilae, tequilae, tequila …"

Sweet as


53rd place: England 142-2 (Burns 76, Root 50) The referee removes the bales and this is lunch. Session of England: No hairpieces, just a constant and watchful accumulation, working on the initial eccentricity to find some moments of joy. I'll have a quick drink, but I'll leave you with Damian Clarke's joke at lunchtime.

On the subject of favorite jokes, can I tell you mine?
How does an elephant ask for bread? Can I have a bread, please?
I know 90% is a visual joke, but does it really matter?

52nd place: England 142-2 (Burns 76, Root 50) And with a touch on Mitchell's square leg, it's Joe Root's fifty. He allows himself to stagger, but does not take off his helmet. I still have work to do. Captain well played under heavy pressure.

51st: England 140–2 (Burns 76, Root 48) A maiden of Santner. Lunch is approaching.

50th place: England 140-2 (Burns 76, Root 48) Mitchell back in attack and sends a zinger for a long time, Root seems to disconnect him from the hip where he is trapped behind the sticks. The referee distributes it, but Root REVIEWS immediately – a telltale sign. Of course, the slow motion of the third referee proves that there was no contact between the club and the pad.

JAmes Debens writes: “What are the“ Andy Flash photos ”? Are they like "Eddie Hemmings shuffles"? Or "Chris Strokes"? Halp!

<img class = "gu-image" itemprop = "contentUrl" alt = "c" src = "https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/a1dff072414456c02fe19fa23856562525bc0723/0_88_3000_1800/master/3000.jpg?width= 300 & quality = 85 & auto = format & fit = max & s = 7b26841905894d4fca4a

A photograph of Andy Flashshot: Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

at 7:46 pm EST

49th over: England 139–2 (Burns 76, Root 47) Frustration to Santner, it's all set up until he slips to the side of his leg with his last ball and Burns kneels on one knee and sweeps it four by one. Man throwing a lost piece of coal back into the fire.

48th at the end: England 134-2 (Burns 72, Root 46) Burns and Root kick their toes with two fast Henry singles, then Burns makes a broader effort. The races pass.

Good morning Tanya, writes Avitaj Mitra. Morning!

Joe Root is really looking good (and whispers, but say it anyway) .. is probably earning a very high score.
Also, general remark. There is something very nice about watching a game in New Zealand at the end of the day. Discreet and laid back.

I agree. It's just the most idyllic way to watch the cricket test, barefoot lining up for your coffee, letting the kids run wild on the grass …

47th place: England 128-2 (Burns 67, Root 45) New Zealand playing the waiting game here. Santner appears another maiden. Root plays a rather impatient blow to his last ball. Can England keep up the courage?

By the way, why is Brian Blessed making gambling ads? (I once saw him as Ancient Deuteronomy in Cats and sat on my knees while taking his autograph. Innocent Times)

45th: England 126–2 (Burns 66, Root 44) A typically careful Santner is over, and things have slowed a little here. Maybe the scouts will feel lunch peeking over their shoulders.

Finally, another fan of musicals on OBO. Thank you Timothy Muller! I also really liked Dear Evan Hansen (and I sprouted a few times). I'm not sure about David Warner's story, but I once had a conversation with Sir Tim Rice about writing a Basil D´Oliveira musical together (I'm an occasional composer). Unfortunately, he was too busy with the Terms of Affection at the time and was so shocked by the horribly justifiable reception he received that he basically retired. If anyone else wants to write the book and the lyrics (probably based on Peter Oborne's biography), let me know.

Tim, let's talk?

44th: England 122–2 (Burns 64, Root 42) What a shot of Burns! He watches Henry run with the schoolboy goal and takes him with immaculate time to half to four. I see these two making hundreds today.

43rd: England 118–2 (Burns 60, Root 42) Oooh and ahhhs when Santner comes in, long arm pulling the sun from the sky. Root plays the maiden.

And I'll let Brian Withington tell us his joke, even though he sent it two days ago regarding slippers and onomatopoeia.

Two friends at a fun fair split up, but they see each other from below their vantage point atop the helicopter. Trying to attract attention, she resorts to "I'm on a treadmill here."

42nd over: England 118-2 (Burns 60, Root 42) Wagner rests and Williamson passes the ball to Matt Henry. It is in the money immediately, a good length enough to take Root and Burns out of all flashes.

41st place: England 117-2 (Burns 59, Root 40) Burns and Root watch Santner closely. I think they feel danger. Just a few singles, and the morning goes on, England hasn't missed a post yet.

40th place: England 115-2 (Burns 59, Root 40) Wagner kicks in, his eighth time in the trot. Energy levels still high, but only a short ball. I think it's a sign that it's time for a towel.

Stephen Owens writes from Motueka: “Hello, Tanya, from New Zealand here. I see the 3rd day preamble begin: "Hello fellow time zones, and welcome to the third day of the second and final test against New Zealand." Given that the Guardian is trying to "reach out" (bloody and horrible US phrase that become mainstream to other media) and increase New Zealand news coverage, including presumably sports, perhaps a broader introduction might have been used, say & # 39; … the final test between England and New Zealand. & # 39; Tanya Come Brexit England needs all the friends it can, including its previously loyal domains before Edward Heath shapes the Commonwealth by signing up to the EU. Just saying…

Stephen, you may have anticipated an email from the sports editor pointing out just that. Let's hope he's sleeping now. Sorry, you're right. The question is, should I go back and change it now to anyone who arrives later or do I have to leave my contact for next time? Stay with us New Zealanders, the EU has given up.

39th round: England 113-2 (Burns 58, Root 39) Ah! Mitchell Santner tries – Can he prove that England is wrong by not choosing a spinner? He encourages someone to get rid of the rude and uncomfortable Rory Burns by hitting him at the top of the block. A maiden.

38th place: England 113-2 (Burns 58, Root 39) Root content to play second violin while Wagner continues to fire them.

37th place: England 111-2 (Burns 58, Root 38) Burns lives dangerously out of Daryl Mitchell. He pushes forward and the ball fires dangerously between gullies. He looks anxiously over …

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