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New Zealand v England: second Test, day four – live!

by ace
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135th place: England 371-5 (Root 175, Pope 41) In comments, they recall a capture Don Topley made in the 1984 series that England played against the West Indies. This is really the first series I remember – or at least I remember Greenidge's double ton on Oval – but YouTube is silent, so let's enjoy this one. One off the other side.

at 18h3 EST

134th place: England 370-5 (Root 175, Pope 40) Another Santner is over, two of his singles and Pope is under 40 – a decent effort, as he is not meditating.

"You can be the final arbiter in this case," says John Starbuck. "My wife occasionally uses the term 'no schmutter' to indicate something of high value, while I feel that it applies only to the garment industry. Who is right? Thank you so much for your marital harmony."

I'm not sure my wife considers me the final arbiter of anything, but I lean toward your wife. Someone who works in the rag trade is said to work in schmutters, and a rag is called a schmutter, but the word can be used to describe anything substandard – though I prefer the word shmondery for that.

at 18h3 EST

133rd place: England 368-5 (Root 174, Pope 39) Mitchell returns; would it be better to be called Daryl Mitchell or Mitchell Daryl? Daryl Mitchell wants to rhyme? Pope takes a single point of direction, so Root flows two to cover and stretches one to the square leg.

132th: England 364-5 (Root 171, Pope 38) Santner offers Root a little more rhythm, so he opens his face to drive from four to third man; then, at the upper edges, a working sweep that drops safely as they run two; the sweeps right in front of the square for four. There are ten of the partnership over and over; did England leave?

131nd Finished: England 354-5 (Root 161, Pope 38) Pope takes one to cover, then Root does the same. If the scores are more or less level at lunch, does England struggle to put the time back in the match or does it wisely tap to maximize its lead?

130th point: England 352-5 (Root 160, Pope 37) Santner touches another on which he yields a single from his final ball, beaten by Pope to aim.

“Speaking of monopoly (which you weren't, but apparently the commentators),” says David Horn, “I once heard a radio interview with an expert who shared his strategy for maximizing the chances of victory. With Christmas and undoubtedly long afternoons of board games coming, perhaps some OBO players will benefit from them.

1) The most common position is prison. People are routinely sent there as well as passing naturally. Since 7 is the most common number of two dice, buying orange properties makes more sense.

2) It is a restricted real estate market. Since there are no houses to buy, people cannot expand their earning capacity. So the ideal strategy is to put 4 houses in everything you own – not hotels, as these houses return to the box (the market) – and dry up the supply. Your competition cannot compete.

It really is a game of evil. Merry Christmas!"

Surely you just bought everything that lands? I always preferred Ratrace.

129th place: England 351-5 (Root 160, Pope 36) Pope takes a square leg, the only race out of the match. We play two hours, but we have another half hour because of the early start.

128th position: England 350-5 (Root 160, Pope 35) What does New Zealand do now? England gave some false kicks this morning and one or two were close to hitting the stumps, but they are not exerting much pressure now. One out of Santner is over.

127th place: England 349-5 (Root 160, Pope 34) Pleasant for Pope, cutting Henry's fourth ball by four to the back after Root hit a single leg. Pope adds one more, and the lead is now 26; England must eliminate this before lunch and can see what happens in the afternoon.

James Debens is back! Dev, Doosra, Beefy, Mick and Katich; BCE40; Brian Closetown's Massacre; The Rolls of Botany Bay City; Peter, Chanderpaul and Mary; Tendulkarsticks; Dravid Bowie and the Mitch Marsh Spiderlegs; KP and the Sightscreen Band; Fat Freddie Fell; Benaud and the jets; Brotherhood of Simon Mann.

at 18:18 EST

126th place: England 343-5 (Root 159, Pope 29) In comments, they are talking about what they liked to buy at the Monopoly, which shows everything you need to know about how convincing the action is. Fortunately, we have this conversation and I detail this conversation to support us; Three singles on the other side.

125th at the end: England 340-5 (Root 157, Pope 28) England compensates for this fruit by taking only three from the next, one with Root and the third man, two with the Pope on the side of the leg.

124th: England 337-5 (Root 156, Pope 26) After the Pope turns around, Root guides four to slender legs and three singles follow; It's more like that.

"Fish fingers," says Gilad McAteer, which is a tweet, if I've ever heard one. “It's not their smart price from Asda (although I lived with them at university, so no disrespect), but Birds Eye on any sophisticated gastropubs tries any day. Health, what is the score again?

Not sure, but I'm sure we expect them to be chips.

at 18:19 EST

122th: England 329-5 (Root 150, Pope 24) Santner, who had only one before, returns; there's not much going on for him, and after a single for each batter, Root removes another one from his blocks that increases his 150. He raises his club, but in a professional manner; There is still work to do.

121st place: England 326-5 (Root 148, Pope 23) Root quickly passes to the leg by two; Are we saying that a father is over 150 years old? I think I'm over 170 years old. Anyway, he's closer when he points to the point and asks for two, but adds one; Pope then looks for a point backwards and, in my day, he worked hard at it by far the best picture of the morning.

120th: England 314-5 (Root 145, Pope 19) Pope takes one, then Mitchell's shorter one takes three times to get to Root, who sends him to his leg for four. Another single follows.

“Surely everyone can agree that a proper greasy spoon is better than any bottomless brunch offering. Pound for pound the best meal out there, ”emails Chef Pig and Fiddle.

I can't argue with that: no dry dish and beans in a separate container, but room to drain sauce, yolk and fat. And I also add cookies: although I have an extremely sharp fall for the Sainos & # 39; Taste the Difference triple chocolates, I'd take a Maryland over any fancy cookie on any given day.

119th: England 313-5 (Root 140, Pope 18) Wagner resumes and Root pokes at the cover, raising the partnership by 50; Pope does the same. So where does England move? I think the pace of the field makes it complicated anyway, but they have two scouts and a set to save.

118th finished: England 311-5 (Root 139, Pope 17) Mitchell finds a rebound point, but directs the ball to Root's pads; he helps around the corner for one. The difference between the sides is now 64, and this is drink.

117th place: England 310-5 (Root 138, Pope 17) Eeesh! Wagner attacks Root around and Root stretches forward to transmit and into the edge that enters the back foot and loses the leg stump by a breath. In the next ball, Root passes to the third man and they run one; That's it with the score over.

at 5:43 pm EST

116th place: England 309-5 (Root 137, Pope 17) Pope remembers watching the ball while playing a maiden of Mitchell – the second of the day.

"I'm watching the sky cover and following the OBO – I'm sure a lot of others do that. No? Oh." Begins Matt Emerson. "Anyway, Craig McMillan's costume raised his eyebrows here too, not just because of the that he was wearing (a boring cap! Indoors!), but because it was so inappropriate that I suspect he lent it to someone else. In the discussion of the 'sharing bag', I will scream for the giant buttons of M&S. Chic."

Tangentially, is there any arena where cheap things are so much better than expensive things than chocolate?

at 5:43 pm EST

115th: England 309-5 (Root 137, Pope 17) A single for each scout and Root's first fake shot in the morning, an inner edge of Wagner on his block.

“From the evil attacks of Bicknell, Ilott, McCague, Caddick, Gooch and Thorpe in 1993,” says Ian Forth, “half of them still played cricket in England in 2003. It is fair to say that Thorpe was no longer a significant bowling component. discussions, however. What he did, remember?

RMF: right arm, filth.

114th place: England 307-5 (Root 136, Pope 16) Mitchell in attack with New Zealand leadership 73, and Root cuts a toe to reduce it further, as in the comments they complain about how many interruptions there were to play, for the kit to come in and out and such. Pope then flashes a wide, sharp sound for four – he seems pleased with that.

"Sorry, but you said beer and a guide at 14?" Question Peter Salmon. “I can see how this bowling attack could have made someone reach acid, but it still seems a little precocious. Or is this how the fun types of Guardian OBO should be? "

Only 14 years old, but my mind was older, paraphrasing Mobb Deep and then Lin-Manuel Miranda. But I'm sure this was common …

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