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New talents of Portuguese jewelery: Joana Ribeiro

by ace
New talents of Portuguese jewelery: Joana Ribeiro

Photograph by Ricardo Lamego. Marina Sousa Styling

Every day, from 9 am, Joana Ribeiro has been in her studio in the Matosinhos market since 2014. The jewelry maker is part of the incubator of this market and her space, all glazed, allows the curious to frequently touch the nose to the glass and see what's going on inside. There are chickens, butchers and cabbage stalls all around, and in front of their shop window fishmongers cross with tourists from cruise ships docked at the Port of Leixões. "The running of the market is also very inspiring," admits Joana. Inside the studio is the core of the Joana Ribeiro brand and it is a space where customers are only received by appointment. It is a workshop with machines and a lot of mess, but it is also a workshop where inspiration and references accumulate. Joana Ribeiro does not draw. He says he prefers to create the piece in his newsstand and make many models. The base material is essentially silver, but also likes to use rough stones such as quartz to make rings. "I like the authenticity of nature. People sometimes do not realize that in nature there are no two trees alike and I like to convey this in my work," this is also their source of inspiration. The creator tells us that she takes advantage of the walks she takes to collect textures, either by photographing, with the x-acts and the scissors that she always brings with her in her wallet. "I don't want people to see just a beautiful piece, but they feel like playing. So I opt for textures and color. Even if a person doesn't use it, I like to arouse their curiosity." However, one of the elements that most characterizes his work is the metallic paint finish that he likes to give to jewels in an inspiration he brought from Antwerp. Joana graduated in Jewelery at the School of Arts and Design in Matosinhos, despite being her second choice, because the first was fashion, but realized that this was not what she wanted, and tells us that she always created the his own costume jewelry and that early participated in fairs, in Porto, where he sold his creations. The Erasmus program took her to that Belgian city, where she joined the Hodgechool of Antwerp. A very artistic school, where, says the creator, on the one hand the Portuguese were scorned for always working on the basis of silver, but on the other hand, their technical training was much higher than the other colleagues. In Portugal, tradition always led to the use of gold and silver and in this school all materials were allowed. There were masterclasses, one-day classes with a guest teacher, intended to teach techniques and it was in them that Joana learned to use the metallic paints she uses and that although they are not sold in Portugal. After the course, he took a master's degree in Product Design and, after some unpaid internships, chose to create his own brand, winning in 2009 the Young Creators Competition in the Jewelery category, which was an important boost. Today, the production is still all manual, each piece is unique and leaves Joana. Increasing sales also requires more creations, and in future, this designer would like to increase points of sale and have a street store. The most showy jewels are joined by some simpler ones. "I have to adapt to the market because sometimes what's beautiful is not commercial." He confesses that having a "guinea pig" in his mother proves to be a precious help that, because his mother is a teacher, gives much importance to the practical side of the plays. The father, in turn, is responsible for logistics, such as handling the packages and going to the post office because Joana Ribeiro says she works a lot through her website and social networks. For the dog of the breeder are the walks for two in Leça and the beach trips to enjoy the nature that inspires her so much. (www.joanaribeirojoalharia.pt)

Make-up: Elodie Fiuza. Hair: Luzia Fernandes. Photography Assistant: Ana Viegas. Máxima thanks the support of Thalia Theater

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