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New talents of Portuguese jewelery: Andreia Lima

by ace
New talents of Portuguese jewelery: Andreia Lima

Photograph by Ricardo Lamego. Marina Sousa's Styling

"I was in Porto watching a Clan concert and Manuela Azevedo sang the song O Sopro do Coração. I stayed there." Andreia Lima was looking for a name for her jewelry brand and that's how she found it: Blow. "For all that it symbolized, I think it worked very well. It's easy. It's a whisper." Today, Sopro is present in nine countries (including far away Australia), but the creator discovered jewelery by chance. While she was doing her degree in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, she went to Florence to attend a course and having the opportunity to explore various areas, she chose ceramics, engraving, creative photography and because there was a vacancy in the jewelery class. took advantage of it. It was something that would never have crossed his mind, but when he started going to these classes, he confesses, everything was strangely easy and natural. If before going to Florence, Andreia felt lost without knowing what she wanted to do, the mystique of the Italian city and the discovery of the art of jewelry making changed her life and set the way to go. Returning to Portugal, he finished the course and left for a technical jewelery course to learn how to make the pieces. It has been jeweler since then. "We are used to buying cheap and beautiful, so jewelery can be competitive and we can also design everyone. What I wanted was to see the beautiful people." First she worked on her own and explains that she likes to serve the customer for it. When in the beginning she worked with several stores, Andreia adapted her creations to the place where they would be for sale. He also had clients who allowed him to make very lush creations, but now he feels better with his current, simpler style. He lived in Alentejo, then returned to Porto and began the adventure of Sopro. Andreia Lima started the brand six years ago with a partner with whom she also shared a goldsmith school. Three years ago they broke up, Andreia took the brand and made it her own. Andreia is 43 years old and declares: "Sopro is a very big part of what I am and in a very genuine way. I identify 100 percent with what I do. I love my job and it makes me happy everyone it's a huge effort. I'm very perfectionist. " Andreia has a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Beatriz, a baby dog, and says that having a surfer husband, the couple's "getaways" are often to the seaside or to tree-lined hotels. As an only child, she acknowledges that this contributed to childhood play with animals, flowers and imaginary friends, and that is where nature comes from as the main source of inspiration for her work. "I collect things. I love to drive. I love the light in the evening." She recalls the daisies on the schist walls and her grandmother's ring that represented the seven days of the week and which she enjoyed playing with as a child. Silver is your material of choice. Andreia would like to work with gold, but considers that this is not the right time for that. She confesses to a compulsive shopper. "I bought parched corals now because I'm thinking of a collection related to the seabed. I'm a rock fanatic. I love botany books." The studio is therefore "a mess of things piled on top of each other," as he admits. Andreia Lima does not draw. Go to the newsstand to sculpt. It has a closed office in Porto, and likes it to be a modest place, almost like a personal safe. Contact with the public is all about fairs, but you like to talk about your work and get the feedback you need. "I have an artist who writes the pieces to me because my textures are all engraved by hand. He is an artisan of those who almost no longer exist. I also have a jeweler who is amazing and who works everything by hand. I have Rita who is the my right arm in the workshop. I'm very 'boring'. " The production of the simplest parts is delivered to a company in Portugal. The most complicated is Andreia herself who hand-made in the workshop. "The world is different in terms of fast consumption and that's a little scary. But I'm fascinated by what is happening in Portugal. There are fantastic creators. They are much more a reflection of what it is to be a woman today." (soprojewellery.com)

Make-up: Elodie Fiuza. Hair: Luzia Fernandes. Photography Assistant: Ana Viegas. Máxima thanks the support of Thalia Theater

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