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New Google Pixel Buds reissued for pre-order

by ace
New Google Pixel Buds reissued for pre-order

In the middle of February, B&H posted a photo for brief moments showing the supposed and highly desired wireless earbuds from Google, the Pixel Buds 2. From there, several were the listings of stores and retailers that referred to them, now appearing some more references in some more stores.

The first listing (via the Reddit social network) of the Google Pixel Buds 2 was referred to by Chicago-based Abt at the time. A pre-order value was mentioned although there was no mention of availability dates.

New Google Pixel Buds reissued for pre-order

However, it was anticipated the various colors that are supposed to come with Pixel Buds:

  1. Clearly White: GA01470
  2. Oh So Orange: GA01471
  3. Almost Black: GA01478
  4. Quite Mint: GA01918

There is another reference from New Jersy Buydig, where the specifications are shown but, we think only refer to the 2017 Buds model.

New Google Pixel Buds reissued for pre-order

It is possible to check the “Made by Google” indications with a 12mm design, dynamic headphone drivers and Adaptive Sound in order to adjust the volume according to the sound around us. You can even manually perform some commands by tapping on the headset surface, such as tapping / pausing as well as the “Hey Google” command.

Google has added a kind of spatial vent, something that will help reduce the sensation of feeling the earbuds inside your ears, the so-called in-ear, as well as being resistant to sweat and water. They include two noise-suppressing microphones and a voice accelerometer in order to detect the diction through the movements of our jaws.

In October 2019, Google only put forward an estimate of the launch and availability for around Spring 2020 on its Google Store store as well as for retailers, but with the I / O 2020 canceled there is neither a date nor a forecast for when Pixel Buds will actually be presented.

Source: 9to5Google


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