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New filters, “audience” and up to 20 thousand participants: Microsoft updates …

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Last Wednesday (8), Microsoft announced some news for Teams, its video conferencing and communication service, which aims to increase engagement among participants and reduce the feeling of isolation caused by social distance, in addition to presenting features that optimize the experience of video chats.

The highlight of the ad is “Together Mode”, a visualization format that conveys the impression that participants are gathered in the same place, as you can see in the image below:

The company’s proposal for the launch of this resource made by previous studies, stating that, by placing all people in a single space (visually speaking), the brain interprets this contact as a more real interaction, which can reduce the known wear caused to the participate in different remote meetings.

Looking at the image, the group really conveys a more friendly and dynamic impression than the dozens of pictures with all the participants gathered, which we have all seen in screenshots or even participated.

Improving (and increasing) usage

The company introduced other interactive features within the video chats, such as the possibility of including reactions (like a heart) to comments made by a participant or even a clap reaction, which already exists in products like Zoom.

Microsoft also announced the creation of new filters designed to improve the visualization of users who are in very bright or dark places, in addition to backgrounds that can be used to “cover” the real scene.

Finally, the division also reported the increase in the capacity of users in the same meeting, which now holds up to 1,000 people with the interaction functions (such as audio) enabled. However, the service can accommodate up to 20 thousand participants within the visualization module, where only one person has access to the audio, video and screen sharing functions.

“These features offer three main benefits for people at work and in education. First, they help you feel more connected to your team and reduce fatigue. Second, they make meetings more inclusive and engaging. And third, they help to optimize your work and save time ”, said the company in the press release.

“It’s about allowing people everywhere to collaborate, stay connected and discover new ways to be productive from anywhere.”


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