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Mutualista Montepio members approve amendments to bylaws

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Mutualista Montepio members approve amendments to bylaws

Members of the Mutualist Association Montepio Geral approved on Monday night in Lisbon the proposal to amend the articles of association to be in line with the new Code of Mutualist Associations, according to the official source of the mutualist.

According to the same source, of the 386 in the room, 377 voted in favor of the new proposed bylaws and nine against, which means that almost 98% of the members attending the magna meeting voted in favor.

Also at this point of the general assembly, the still president of the Mutualist Association Montepio Geral, Tomás Correia (pictured), proposed a vote of praise to the commission that drafted the revision of the statutes, and of the 368 members present, the vote of praise was approved by 365 members. Three voted against.

This general assembly took place at the Coliseu dos Recreios, about two weeks after Tomás Correia announced his departure from the presidency of the Montepio Geral Mutualist Association, stating that the resignation takes place with "reasonably fulfilled" mandate objectives and thus avoids continuing "to be complicit in the model of government" imposed by the new mutualist code.

In the statement justifying his departure, Tomás Correia – who has been chairing the mutualist since 2008 – never mentioned the assessment of his suitability being made by the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority following a fine imposed on him. applied by Banco de Portugal for the period in which he was president of the Montepio bank. The fine was, however, annulled by the Competition, Regulation and Supervision Court because it found that the right to defense was violated at the administrative stage and the central bank appealed.

The proposal for new bylaws that was discussed today at the general meeting indicates that the Montepio Geral Mutualist Association will have four governing bodies, maintaining the general assembly, the board of directors and the supervisory board and creating the assembly of representatives. The general advice disappears.

The assembly of representatives is the new governing body required by the new Mutualist Associations Code for mutualists with over 100,000 members. According to the statutes approved today will have 30 elements.

Since the assembly of representatives has to be elected, there was doubt about the need for elections for the other governing bodies as well.

Today's proposal states that "the terms of office of the members of the board of the general meeting, the board of directors and the fiscal council, elected on December 7, 2018, remain in force until their expiration on December 31, 2021" and that its composition should not be altered until that date, so it precludes the need for early elections for the current governing bodies.

For the Assembly of Representatives, it is proposed that the first term of office should not last for four years of regular terms, but last until December 31, 2021 (about two years) to end at the same time as the other governing bodies.

The new bylaws also provide for the limit of three successive terms for the president of the Montepio Mutualist Association and change the composition of the Board of Directors, from one president and four members to one president (elected at the general meeting) and six members, two of whom non-executives.

The proposal to amend the statutes was made by a committee elected in March, consisting of Manuel Porto, Pedro Sameiro, Alipio Dias, António Menezes Rodrigues and António Gaio, and was reviewed by the Ministry of Labor, which gave a prior opinion after amendments.

However, after approval by the general meeting, the new statutes should be re-examined by the Government to assess whether they are in line with the mutualist code or whether there are points that need to be amended.

Montepio Geral Mutualist Association, with more than 600 thousand members, is the top of the Montepio group and its main subsidiary company is Montepio bank, which develops the banking business.

Mutualista Montepio's general assembly, which began at 9 pm on Monday and ended after midnight today, also approved the appointment of a special commission for the elaboration of an electoral regulation for the election of associative bodies and positions. .

The special commission for drafting the electoral regulation will be composed of the same names as the statutory revision commission (Manuel Porto, Pedro Sameiro, Alipio Dias, António Menezes Rodrigues and António Gaio), the official added.

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