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Mortágua says that "behind every sparkle is an unfulfilled expense"

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Mortágua says that "behind every sparkle is an unfulfilled expense"

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And encompassing and the People of liberalism

In their response to Mário Centeno, the deputies used the minister's arguments to counteract, from "letter E" to Fernando Pessoa:

"What heteronym made the IRS merger of the SO proposal disappear?" Duarte Alves questioned.

"Mandatory encompassing is yet another word beginning with E and is of the most elementary justice," he argued. The communist deputy regretted that this measure is not included in the state budget proposal and undervalued that it could advance throughout the legislature, as it is foreseen in the Government Program. "But this is the first state budget of the legislature and should at least start these matters," he said.

Also the sole deputy of the Liberal Initiative returned to Fernando Pessoa: "a big fan of liberalism," he said. João Cotrim de Figueiredo also criticized the tax burden, pointing out that tax revenue, which does not include contributions, rises 1,800 million euros.


PSD regrets absence of pro-growth measures

The Social Democrat MP, Álvaro Almeida, focused criticism on the OE2020 not lacking "measures that increase economic growth". Almeida regrets that Centeno is "pleased" with such developments as the Government's forecast for GDP growth of 1.9% in 2020 is the only "below 2% (between) cohesion countries".

"Countries with smaller per capita GDP grow faster than countries with higher per capita GDP," he explained.

In response to the Finance Minister's initial intervention, the PSD MP said "it is staining to have bankrupted the country."

11:04 am

Mortágua: “Behind every sparkle there is always an expense that has not been executed”

After hearing Centeno quote profusely from Pessoa, Left Bloc deputy Mariana Mortágua first set out "poetry aside" and then criticize the captivations of the finance minister, which "is becoming a habit."

"In these sparkles were more than 3 billion euros" that were not executed shot Mariana Mortagua asked Centeno if, as in previous years in relation to the deficit, is working with a slack that will allow a larger budget surplus. 0.2% of GDP registered in the OE2020.

Mortágua argued that it is "the other ministers who are caught up in the clash" with Centeno's captivations because "non-execution of budget is poor budget management, as (is) depriving autonomy of sectoral ministers."

Finally, the MP asked the minister why the budget foresees 600 million euros for the New Bank and also 850 million euros for the Resolution Fund. "The expense of the New Bank is almost always executed above expectations," he concluded.

10:53 AM

"Country does not expect negative majority," warns Centeno

The finance minister addressed the Left Block and the PCP: "This is the left letter E state budget." For Mário Centeno, to be on the left is to "value the public service and simultaneously the private initiative" and "protect the weakest".

"Generating deficits and generating debt compromising the country's future is not leftist," he said. For Centeno, to be on the left is to advance public policies that fight poverty and exclusion.

So it left a warning for the discussion period in the specialty: "The country does not expect negative majorities, for that reason, because they are negative." And he reminded Fernando Pessoa's heteronyms, addressing the deputies of the parliamentary partners: "Do not vote on spending measures with a heteronomous spender, and revenue measures with a savvy heteronomous. the indebted heteronym ".


Centeno: “The clean exit of the PSD-CDS government was a stain after all”

The finance minister continued the defense made yesterday by the prime minister to the budget proposal that will be voted today. Mário Centeno also considers that this budget is "better than the previous ones because Portugal is better and the Portuguese are better".

"What seemed strange now is ingrained," he went on to argue for the accuracy of certain accounts based on "serious and responsible commitments and (which) goes back nothing" from what has been done over the past four years. "This budget is no longer the same," he insisted, reiterating that it is a "left budget".

Centeno then turned against the right benches. "The clean exit of the PSD-CDS government was a stain after all," he said, then backing up the statement with the work done by the Executive to stabilize the financial system, notably in Banif's resolution, capitalization of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, in reducing the level bad credit from almost 18% to less than 8% and the strength of the Resolution Fund.

"Make no mistake, Portuguese families and companies are the true workers of this success, Portugal is to be congratulated," he said.

He also upheld the merits of socialist governance, which was based in particular on economic growth and investment, the "two catalysts" of positive developments in the country.


"You can't talk about continuity" with this SO, PCP insists

PCP MP Duarte Alves began by recalling previous budgets, which had "as important" measures as lowering the price of social passes, free school textbooks, reducing tuition fees or unfreezing careers.

"What is in this proposal for measures of this scope? There are no new measures of this significance," said the Communist MP. Therefore, Duarte Alves concluded that "it is not possible to say that it is the best budget", alluding to the statement of the Prime Minister of Thursday, the first day of debate of the budget proposal in general.

The deputy of the PCP recalled the "open possibilities" in the negotiation with the Government, but defended that it is still "very far" from the country's debt. "The PCP will be fighting to defend all possibilities to respond to the country's structural problems. With its initiative and its political independence," he said.

In his reply, PS deputy Profírio Silva said that the socialists "do not forget" that the last four years of recovery of rights "was also due to a parliamentary majority that had PCP and Left Bloc".


Maria Begonha opened debate

The deputy of the PS, Maria Begonha, opened the plenary with an intervention in which the JS leader also announced the measures in favor of the OE2020 favorable to young people. Begonha highlighted the public investment in housing with "fairer and more affordable" incomes, the provision of "more beds for higher education students" or the exemption from income tax for the first three years of young workers.

This was followed by the young PSD MP Sofia Matos, who refuted the arguments used by the socialist parliamentarian considering that it was a "poor and manipulative" budget.


Prime Minister arrived 15 minutes late

António Costa arrived at the Assembly of the Republic very close to 10:15, when the second day of general debate to the OE2020 had already begun.

10:16 am

Centeno opens, Siza Vieira closes

For today is planned the intervention of the Minister of Finance, Mario Centeno. Then, will speak the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, and the Minister of Health, Marta Feared. The debate will be closed by the Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Veira.


Parliament today approves the 2020 State Budget

This Friday is the second and final day of debate on the Government's proposal for the 2020 State Budget (SO2020), a day that culminates in the vote on the document in general in the afternoon.

For the first time since 2011, the budget will not be approved with an absolute majority in favor of at least 116 members. The OE2020 will be approved with the votes in favor of the PS and the already announced abstentions of Left Block, PCP, Greens and PAN. PSD, CDS, Chega and Liberal Initiative will vote against, while Livre maintains the voting taboo.

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