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Montijo: Minister says airport does not compromise carbon neutrality

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Montijo: Minister says airport does not compromise carbon neutrality

"Portugal was the first country in the world to claim carbon neutral in 2050 and it will be (…). Today, we have about 65 million tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in emissions, we cannot reach 2050 with more than 13 million. This is a very significant reduction. And in these 13 million tons of CO2 emissions are contemplated the air traffic and aviation, "said João Pedro Matos Fernandes, in Guimarães, Braga district The Minister for the Environment and Climate Action even admitted that the roadmap could be "conservative" in view of what "may be technological developments in maritime and air transport", and the consequent replacement of fuel. For example, by 2021 Airbus will already have a prototype of a hybrid aircraft that will "want" it to be already commercially operational.

"I even want to believe that the roadmap perspectives (for carbon neutrality) are conservative, given what air emissions will become," he said.

The official responded to today's news from Público that a group of scientists consider that the environmental impact study of the Montijo complementary airport, in Setúbal district, only contemplates "a residual part" of gas emissions. pollutants that will be generated.

According to those scientists, the study "only addresses terrestrial emissions, ie emissions from airport infrastructure, road and river traffic to and from the airport, and aircraft emissions at take-off and landing", leaving out "emissions greenhouse gases produced at the cruise phase, which are the bulk of the emissions. "

Scientists consider that in this way the fulfillment of the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality is compromised.

Still about Montijo airport, and the possible risk of being immersed with the rise in sea level, Matos Fernandes assured that the problem "will not arise".

"The base project has, without any major land allocation, a project to raise the current platform level by five meters and therefore the problem will not be put into practice," he said.

The minister also stressed that "there are far more fragile and sensitive places" to the advance of the sea than the place where Montijo airport is located.

Matos Fernandes was speaking at the end of the 7th China-Europe Water Platform High Level Dialogue Conference, attended by China's Minister of Water, E. Jingping, and Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry from Finland, Janna Huso-Kallio, among others.

The China-Europe Water Platform was established in March 2012 in Marseille, France and aims to promote cooperation, political, business and scientific dialogue between EU Member States and China on management. of water resources.

Portugal has been a member of the platform since its inception and between 2020 and 2021 will assume its European secretariat, succeeding Finland.

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