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Montenegro convinced to win first-round PSD lead

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Montenegro convinced to win first-round PSD lead

"With all these expressions of support, I am convinced that we have all the conditions to win this election and win the first round, and it is for this purpose that I will fight to the last second for each vote of each militant," Montenegro spoke at the entrance to a meeting with militants in Bragança, the district that gave the PSD the highest vote in the most recent legislative elections, underlining that it is roaming the country from end to end and that it is pleased with the "very strong mobilization". candidate for president of the PSD commented on the news of Mário Centeno's reinstatement at the head of the Eurogroup, considering that "it is good when Portugal holds positions of responsibility at European and even world level, although this brings usually more complications to Mario Centeno himself ".

"Because he has a Portuguese version and has a European version. In the European version he criticizes the policies and the financial situation of the country, in the Portuguese version he says this is a bed of roses, so despite this difficulty, this difficulty is more his than that's ours, "he said.

Luis Montenegro was speaking alongside Mayor of Bragança, Hernâni Dias, district nominee for the candidacy and an advocate of regionalization, who heard the candidate say that "it is not appropriate at this time to discuss regionalization."

Montenegro stated that Portugal has "underway a process of decentralization of the transfer of competences from central to local and inter-municipal administration and, as long as this model is not implemented, is not in operation", there are "conditions to assess whether or not establish the administrative regions ".

"Especially because I see people talking about it, but I don't see anyone saying what skills they want to bring to those regions. What do you want to do now? Transfer the skills from central to local government and go seek the local administration again for an intermediate level? ", he asked.

With roots in Bragança, Luís Montenegro affirmed himself as a defender of territorial cohesion and recalled that the first parliamentary days he held in 2011 took place in Fundão and had as their main motive this theme.

As a parliamentary leader, he said, he was the first proponent of a bill aimed at creating the status of low-density territories with fiscal discriminatory measures, arguing that all decisions taken at national level should have a special focus on these. territories.

"And I still think that's where we should go: to create conditions to attract investment, the ability to generate more job opportunities because if there is no job, it is worthwhile for schools to be good, to have good sports, cultural equipment, because people don't stay, "he said.

Montenegro also answered questions about the media and argued that digital platforms that make money from communication must contribute more than they contribute to the sustainability of the sector.

"You have to look at these companies that don't have a single journalist – Google or Facebook don't have a single journalist, but they make more money than any of the news outlets," he said.

Rui Rio (current Social Democratic President) and Miguel Pinto Luz are the other two candidates for PSD leadership in the January 11 elections.


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