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MEETSSS, the international gathering that wants to bring together women from industry …

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MEETSSS, the international gathering that wants to bring together women from industry ...

Portimão will host, these days, a very special meeting. This is shesaid.so's first international meeting to celebrate its 5th anniversary. This female community founded in London in September 2014 by Andreea Magdalina – whose work focuses on the interaction between music and technology, specializing in digital marketing, social media, business development, and music consulting – is a international network that brings together about 10,000 women from all sectors of the music industry. This fall, members from around the world gather in our country.

Its mission is to expand the online connection between its participants to the real world in a unique celebration of the work the community has been doing. Is it a women only date? Andreea clarifies that he is in fact open to all genres and origins, not only for network members but for the general public as well as artists or professionals from other creative industries who wish to join (tickets can be purchased through the platform shesaid.so).

In four unique days, the music combines with themes such as activism and equality. And how do these connect today? For Andreea the answer is simple "Music is one of the most powerful channels of change. It is a universal language." Already on the organization reveals that "the conference schedule is extremely varied, blending industry topics and social issues that we care most about at shesaid.so"

This gives a very complete panel with current lectures and musical events, bringing together the most diverse speakers and artists. Chidera Eggerue (award-winning writer, feminist and blogger best known for her Instagram); Oronike Odeleye (co-founder of muteRKelly and ONE Musicfest coordinator in Atlanta who will talk about harassment and misconduct in the industry); Jennifer Justice (who previously worked as a lawyer for Jay-Z or Mark Ronson); Giorgia Taglietti (head of communication at the SONAR Festival in Barcelona), among others, will be part of the speakers. In the music field you can count on local and international artists: Calling Marian, CRLN, Da Chick, Mica Coca, Hanakito or Surma are just a few. Presentations will include an opening concert, three sunset sessions, an official live dinner, and a beach wrap party.

The main topics to address will be "gender pay gaps, sustainability, trust, community, prejudice and harassment and mental health" reveals the young founder of this network. "I organized this agenda in an attempt to… stay true to our values ​​at shesaid.so and create opportunities for people to connect in a genuine and fun way while learning a lot in the process," he adds.

About the biggest challenges for female artists today, we are told of the lack of opportunities in traditionally male roles, such as technical jobs, but also CEO positions. The truth is that shesaid.so's vision is based on bringing together and empowering underrepresented communities in the music industry, with an obvious focus on women, as we can see through its official website.

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