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Meeting is scheduled at Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge

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Meeting is scheduled at Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge

Imagine a place where you can do things as distinct as going for a drink at the end of the day, taking an immersive yoga class, or watching a listening album alongside the release of a new album. This place exists and is called Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge, is the newest cultural hub hotel in the capital, and opens with the premise of "bringing the city into the hotel". The idea comes from three friends – Diogo Martinez (businessman), Pedro Drummond Borges (manager and graduate in hotel management) and José Maria Pereira (architect) – who cross universes of interests as different as running, painting, surfing, design or music.

Created by these young partners to become an ideal destination for travelers, explorers, dreamers and creatives, and anyone who wants to visit, Esqina was once a kindergarten. "During my professional career I found that people want the same things. They want to be well served, they want to be treated well, and at the end of the day they want a clean bed and room, good food, and feel at home. Basically it is what we try to do here, "explains Pedro, one of the partners. "We want people to feel good about us, so our way of being, our attitude, whether we are with customers or workers. We follow a motto that is: treat others as you like to be treated and it is the same everywhere."

On the ground floor we find the restaurant, Gastro & Cocktail Bar, which is under the command of Argentinean chef Nicólas López. Contemporary, seasonal, and strongly Portuguese dishes come out of this kitchen, albeit with a twist of their professional experience gathered around the world – from Venezuela, to the USA, to Chile. Gastronomic proposals such as watermelon with olive oil and leaf blending; lamb tartar; sardines with melon and red pepper or the fish of the day with celery and radicchio puree are just a few examples that immediately whet the appetite of the most curious.

Fully restored, the floors of the rooms still retain some elements of the original structure that refer to the interiors of the typical houses of downtown Lisbon. Of the Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge's 35 rooms, 15 are standard, 9 deluxe and 11 superior, and there are some with superb views of the entire downtown and April 25 bridge. There is also the particularity that "art" has also invaded the rooms. "All the works in the rooms are for sale. The idea is to promote the work of emerging artists such as Cécile Mestelan, Vasco Futscher Pereira, Pedro Matos."

In addition to the ground floor, the underground basement also promises to host exhibitions, film screenings, discussions, workshops, and artist residences. It's all part of a lineup that the founders called Inside the Corner, which promises to spread the word about Esqina. The first artistic residency takes place between November 18th and December 5th with artists Andre Costa and Guillermo Mora. The exhibition opens on December 5 and will remain open to the public until the 21st. In addition to this space, and still under construction, there is a terrace, which will have its own schedule, revealed at its opening (which only for 2020).

To pique curiosity about this new space, the bar has a complementary program. Thus, every Thursday of October there will be the Aperitivo, from 18h to 22h with DJ and between 18h and 19h snacks are offered to all who have a glass in hand.

Where? Madalena Street, 191 – 197 Reservations 21 052 2735

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