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Marcelo considers essential intervention of the social partners in defining the …

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Marcelo considers essential intervention of the social partners in defining the ...

The head of state was speaking with the minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, during a night when the two accompanied institutions that support homeless people in Lisbon.

Asked what should be the increase in the national minimum wage, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa refused to enter this debate and said: "It is a matter in which the intervention of the economic and social partners is essential. I am a supporter that everything that can be obtain by concertation is good that it is obtained ".

"The President of the Republic hopes it will go well. Now he will not introduce noise factors into a process that is just beginning," he added.

Later, the media once again questioned the head of state on this issue, asking him if he understands that the value of the national minimum wage should be negotiated in social concertation and not imposed by the Government.

"This is a question that the minister will answer better than me," answered Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, noting that Ana Mendes Godinho has already indicated that "she wants to talk, is talking or will talk to the economic and social partners" about this issue. matter.

"You will say how you intend to conduct this process," she said.

After being questioned by the journalists, the Labor Minister said that on Tuesday she made "a round for all social partners, presenting compliments" and that today she will have "the meeting to discuss the national minimum wage for 2020 with the partners, for the listen and to discuss with partners precisely the value for 2020 ".

"We have set a target of 750 euros by 2023, which means that we now set the minimum wage each year as a result of consultation and consultation with the social partners, and that is what we are doing," he said. .

The minister declined to "talk about values" before today's meeting, where she foresees "that each social partner may have different perspectives" on the evolution of the national minimum wage. "And that is the logic too, to listen to them, to debate," he said.

The Government and the social partners are meeting today for social consultation, for the first time after the October 6 legislative elections, to discuss the rise in the national minimum wage for next year.

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